Villa or Apartment? What neighbourhood for family? Budget of 8~12K?

Moving to Casa in August; working at American Academy; married w/ 2 girls aged 3 & 5; looking for Villa w/ rent of 8~12,000MAD; plan on buying a car. Question -- what would be the best neighbourhoods to live in (quiet, park, near grocery, butcher, baker, plus very safe)?

Heard Afna is very nice, but is it possible on that budget?  Is it better to look for an apartment on that budget?  What other neighbourhoods would you suggest?

Also, would like to be no further than a 30 minute commute by car from the American Academy on Rue Papillon in Californie.  Is that even a reasonable limitation?  I've heard the traffic can be quite bad.

Thanks for your help!

Hi filosofic,

Welcome to! :)

I hope other members will be able to advise you.

I wish you good luck in your search.

hey filosofic,,

just keep searching in Anfa or el m3arif.. i think u can find a large apt with  that budget !!

i could help u if u were in Rabat.

Good luck :)

hi filosofic,

I live very close to Anfa, just a 5 minute walk away. It takes me about 20 minutes by bus to get to the Californie area when there's no traffic. I catch the bus from the Maarif area [ under a 10 minute walk from Anfa]. I came across a building in Anfa having apartments which cost 10,000 dirhams a month. If this interests you, I can  head there to find out if the building still has vacant apartments and get back to you.


Hello filosofic
For the Budget that you have it's better to look for a nice appartment in Californie, Polo, Anwal,
you will find the traffic so terrible specilay in your first weeks in Casa, so better to take an appartment close to your job specially if you will Drive.
American Academy is situated in a very calm and nice place, it's on my way to work :-)..
Anfa, Maarif are also nice just the traffic from there to your Job may not easy.

Hi Everybody,

I recently shifted to Casa as I got posted here at the regional office by my company ... I was introduced to a local Moroccan by the name Mr.Amine who is in the real estate business as a freelancer, but trust me ... a guy with a very human touch. He helped me find an amazing place to stay, fully furnished with all basics in place within my budget ... I am sure Mr. Amine will be able to help any of U guys too who plan to come down to Morocco n find a place within ya budgets ... U can refer my name if U wud like to ... his Casa contact mobile number is 00212661313084 ... I am sharing this information as I was treated very well and wanted to share this plesant experience with all U expats ... Wish we have such helpful people around in every city/country ... I was helped so, inturn I am just doing my part ... Good Luck to U all ...