Residential compounds in Casa ?

Hello everybody,

I am new to this forum, and I am currently considering a move to Casablanca as I have been offered a position with my current employer, so it that case I would move with my wife and 3 children.

My question would be: Is there any residential compounds or gated communities in Casa ?


yes sir there are plenty now today you can find private compouds all over casablanca so you wont have hard time finding any however you'll have to take your own decision on how much you willing to rent or buy depending on your needs.

best of luck


Thanks for your reply.

Can you please point out any of these compounds that could be close to Casablanca American School?



As mad1 mentioned, there are plenty of gated residential housing in Casa. Being new to Casa myself, I visited quite a few, but in the area of Dar Bouazza. My kids go to GWA so it made more sense for us to look in the proximity of the school. The gated residences I know in Dar Bouazza are: Marina Blanca, Les Jardins de l'Ocean, Anafee, Les Dunes, to name a few. I unfortunately don't know any in California, which is where Casablanca American School is located.

I hope this is helpful and best of luck. I'm glad it's all behind us now.

hi allsports

as far as i know compounds here are economic low class residential compounds and the god ones are far from the city which you will not favor as a new comer i suggest to become my neighbor as there is a vacant apartment door to door in a nice social family area belevedere it is around 90m 2 bedroom and big salon and balcony one toilet at a good price 4300 dirhams aprox 400 usd with security door at entrance close to every where in casa