Inexpensive hotel stay in Morocco

Greetings:  i am a senior single man wanting to locate a =n inexpensive hotel ot stay for a month while I get to know the land and find a 1 bed apt that will not break the bank.  Have many questions.  Would like to talk with someone. Tks  Erik Poppke  +***

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Hello and welcome Erik,

In which region are you looking for a hotel ?



@Erik Poppke Hello, it would depend on where you want to stay and what comfort level you require.

In my experience, around Fes/Meknes if you want a really amazing hotel that is relatively cheap you could look at Hotel Volubilis in Fes, its around £40 per night.

Alternatively, if you want something cheaper, look at RIADS. You can get really nice/safe and comfortable roiads for about £20/£25 per night. 

@Erik Poppke Greetings Erik,

Your choice of accommodations greatly hinges on the specific destination and city you have in mind. In certain cities, it's feasible to discover cost-effective hotel options, especially when negotiating for extended stays, which could potentially lead to more favorable rates. However, it's important to note that in the upcoming month, hotels in Marrakech, in particular, are experiencing high demand, limited availability, and elevated prices due to the IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings scheduled for early October. As an alternative, utilizing platforms like Airbnb can be a viable option. Another approach could be reserving a hotel or riad for a brief period and then engaging a local agent to assist in finding suitable apartments. Additionally, exploring listings on Avito might reveal options that align with your budget.

Best regards,

Arif Esa