Accommodation in Casablanca
Updated 2019-06-24 08:51

In Casablanca, as anywhere else, everyone chooses the area where they want to live according to their own criteria: the budget, proximity with the workplace, quietness, shopping options, schools, transport infrastructure, etc.

How to find accommodation

Once you have made up your mind, you will need to find your home sweet home and there are different ways to do so. Word of mouth works, but this requires that you already have some contacts. It is quite complicated when you have just arrived, and you do not know the place yet. The Internet offers various solutions to catch interesting rental offers posted by individuals or agencies. You can also check social media or independent agencies.

The different types of accommodation

A specific local feature is the samsar. These are informal traders who have a network of compound or apartments attendants which give them access to the keys of apartments that are for rent or sale throughout the city. It's quite easy to find them (especially if you speak darija or if someone who speaks the language accompanies you). Just go to the area you are interested in and ask the attendant if they know about apartments/villas to rent (according to the neighbourhood and your preferences).

Mostly apartments are available if you want to reside in the city itself. You can somehow find some villas in areas like 'CIL, Oasis, Californie'. These areas are known to be occupied by either expatriates (rent paid by the employer) or by wealthy owners. These types of properties are occasional and are consequently expensive. Rent prices usually range from 25,000 Dhs to 30,000 Dhs per month.

The surface area is significant but not optimized as it should be. In Morocco, people like to live in large spaces. To benefit from cheaper rents look for a property outside the city, like Bouskoura or Dar Bouazza/Tamaris, but beware of the traffic.

Rent prices in Casablanca

Rent prices in Casablanca are among the most expensive ones in Morocco. For example, you can find a studio apartment (1 bedroom and a living room) for 4,000 Dhs to 6,000 Dhs per month depending upon the location. Studio apartments are quite rare on the market and are generally found in high-standard buildings. Rent prices are consequently proportional to the location. The price of a two-bedroom apartment is usually around 6,000 Dhs to 10,000 Dhs per month depending on the size and locality. You can easily find a two-bedroom apartment of 100 to 150 sqm in Casablanca. For bigger apartments with more bedrooms, you should avoid focusing on rent caps.

The lease in Casablanca

You can rent accommodation upon signature of a lease contract. If you are liaising with an individual, you can use one of the templates available at stationery shops, and these will just cost a few cents. If you are going through an agency, a housing lease will undoubtedly be proposed to you. In such case, carefully check for the price, the terms of payment, the description of the property, and what expenses you need to cater for and those paid by the landlord.

Remember to register the lease as it will be used for administrative procedures. It only costs 100 Dhs (remember to make copies beforehand as they will keep a copy).

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