Seeking apartment/roommate in Casa

Hi everyone! 

I'm moving to Casablanca at the beginning of September for 6 months.  I am looking for an apartment and preferably a roommate.  I am a Canadian and I speak English and French (my French is a work in progress though haha).  I am looking in the neighbourhood called Bourgogne as I'll be working near there.  I would feel most comfortable living with a female in their 20s (like me) so please message me if you fit that criteria and are looking for a roommate. 

If you know of any apartments available for rent, or websites that list reasonably priced apartments, please let me know.

Thanks so much in advance! Cheers :)

Welcome and good luck in Morocco

Hi Sarah, Welcome To Morocco :-) I recently shifted to Casa as I got posted here at the regional office by my company ... I was in touch with a person by the name Mr.Amine who is a local from Morocco ...he helped me find an amazing small place to stay, fully furnished with all basics in place ...I am sure Mr. Amine will be able to help U too ...U can refer my name if U wud like to ...his Casa contact mobile number is 00212661313084 ...U can also try the web site Good Luck

You might want to try and skip the agency fee and higher cost. Rentals are expensive in Casa exactly for the reason mentioned above; corporate relocation where money is no object.

Hey Buddy, no doubt Casa is an expensive place to live, but there are still these pockets where U can find the rentals cheaper & its safe for a family or even single ladies to stay ... however,just to clarify, even corporates work on budgets & there is a cap over every expence ... so I would appreciate if U wud not just assume things. Everybody looks at avoiding any agency fee & luckily even I managed as I got in contact with a few helpful locals who helped me settle down in no time... The point is that we all are expats here, just sharing experiences with fellow expats who are new to the place, maybe a tip might come handy ...I jus shared my experience in my post above ...

Hey buddy, I wasn't attacking you, so relax. I assumed nothing. It is a fact that corporate relocation drives up rent.

Hey Buddy :-) see, U're assuming again ... I'm always relaxed mate ...

I never meant to sound defensive or ever thought that U were attacking ...U made a point n I just shared my opinion ... We both come from different school of thoughts. The fact U are addressing in ya post is quite on a macro level, a very general statement to make, which may differ/vary from ciy to city ... However, at a micro level I still do not agree with what U say cause I do not see an industrial rush here in Casa as yet, the economic rate is in the growing stage today, yes there are lotsa tourists here ...

I am here on this blog to learn from fellow expats, share experiences & opinions, help/assist, make contacts & if possible some friends too ... So, if U want, do lemmi know when U come down to Casa someday ...we can jus have a chat with my small group of english speaking friends I've made over a coffee/tea :-)

Hey Sarah :-) Its all cool out here ...

Hi guys!

Thanks so much for your responses.  It's great to hear different perspectives/advice/opinions when arriving in a new city so I appreciate it.  I'm still hunting for an apartment but I am definitely making some progress and people I have been in touch with in Casa have been super helpful/friendly so far.  I will look into the websites you guys suggested.  Can't wait to arrive.  Cheers :)

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Hi sarah
my name is Kenza. I'm moroccan, 26 and looking for a flat and flatmate.

Are you still looking for a flatemate? and do you already live somewhere?
don't hesitate to call me @ 0661158099

Hello..i'm Tunisian i speak both french and English ..i'm going to study in Amideast for some months till i pass my Toefel exam . I'm interesting in a man or woman who is as well looking for a roommate...i'm still in Rabat but i'll be living in Sidi Maarouf district in Casa city . I'm game to pay my share as long as it's not beyond 3500 dh at max .i'm 41 years old still single..but i look younger...i'm a nice man and well experienced in my life...thanks for answering ahead of time..good luck for all the subscribers😊