Safest place to live in Casablanca. Working in Boulevard d Anfa

I would be very grateful if you could tell me where is better to live in Casablanca. I am a pregnant single teacher who will work in boulevard d' Anfa, I am a little worried about safety. So any piece  of advice will be more than welcome

Better for you  Gautier ; Maarif ; Zersui also good .
Kind Regards.

what is your rent budget?

Thank you very much for your answers. I will stay there a couple of weeks in september and probably a couple of weeks in june, it is not sure due to my pregnancy.
I Think that about 500-600 DAM per week would be enough budget. Do you know some room to rent in those areas? What would be the prócer budget per week?

Hello all :)

@Améliemart : Welcome on board!

Please check out our section Housing in Casablanca to have an idea of the price of rental. You may also drop an advert of your search there.


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