1 or 2 bed apartments in Casablanca

Hello all - please cn you help?

Looking to find out what it costs to rent a 1 or 2 bedroomed apartment in Casablanca - preferably furnished?  Hoping to rent for a long period.


I'm renting a one bedroom furnished in Maarif by the Twin center, which is one of the most expensive neighborhoods for 5000 DHS.

You can find 1 bedroom furnished between 4000 and 7000DHS
2 bedrooms, 6000 to 9000DHS.

BucsFan or anyone;

Can you recommend any web sites / newspapers for rentals?



or you can contact real estate agencies, the issue with the agents is they require you to pay them a month rent as a commission on top of the deposit and the 1 month advance rent you will be paying to the apt owner.

My advice would be to rent, a whatever furnished apt for couple of week just to have a place to stay then look for an apt when you get here.

let me know if I can help,