Indoor and outdoor sports activities in Casablanca

Sports activities in Casablanca
Updated 2022-07-14 13:30

Sport in Morocco is mainly practiced in gyms and sports clubs, and Casablanca is no exception. It is now common to see more and more people doing their jogging alongside the Corniche, alone or in groups, and even small racing troupes on Sundays on the roads around Casablanca.

Football in Casablanca

Many sports are practiced in clubs. However, football seems to be the most popular sports activity in Casablanca, like in the rest of the country. In short, football is practically a social phenomenon that can raise as much pride as frustration. The Mohamed V complex that has witnessed exploits of RAJA and Wydad, which are Casablanca's leading football clubs, still retains traces of the anger of the supporters who are capable of causing damage due to dissatisfaction.

On match days, therefore, parking around the stadium and in the surrounding streets is prohibited for safety. Traffic itself is alternated. However, this passion is just as extraordinary when the favorite teams win. In 2017, the city was jammed for a long period on the night when Wydad won the African Cup of Nations. Improving significantly over the past years, the Atlas Lions, which is the national team, has once again become a source of pride even though football remains a touchy topic in the city.

Sports clubs in Casablanca

Private clubs in Casablanca are somewhat elitist, with co-opted access and high registration fees (around 10,000 Dhs per year per person, excluding access to CAF activities). The language used may be a selection criterion of choice, but foreign languages seem to be synonymous with luxury.

Other sports activities in Casablanca

Regarding sports halls and gyms, you can find almost everything, from neighborhood halls, sometimes with disbelieving hygiene, to private clubs (notable by their high prices).

If you prefer combat sports or martial arts, you will be happy to know that there are many training halls all over the city. Both children and adults can register for classes. Martial arts are as much popular as football in Casablanca.

Sports infrastructure in Casablanca

Sports infrastructure, on the other hand, does not meet international professional standards. Some sports do not even provide fields for their official clubs. For example, handball and rugby, which used to be quite popular in Morocco, have fewer installations, and this has led to a decline in their activity.

Outdoor activities in Casablanca

Due to the scarcity of green spaces, outdoor activities are quite rare in Casablanca. However, sailing can be practiced nearby, in Mohammedia. The Marina can boast its prestigious sailing club. You can go directly to the port to find out more about this activity.

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