A Roommate Needed!

Hey there,

we are 2 guys, 21 years old looking for a third one who can pay 1 500 DH to help us rent an apartment in the area of 2 Mars.

Welcome to Expat.com Adnaan!

I invite you to post an advert in the section Housing in Casablanca.;)


Hi Adnan,

My brother is currently looking for a new aparment in Rabat, but I think 1 500 DH would be too much for him since you guys will be 3.

Good luck anyway.

Thanks Harmonie and Miriam for replying.

actually this is in Casablanca not Rabat :)

Hello again,

Oh my bad ! I thought it was in Rabat ! :)

Adnan i am 25 and  looking for a place as well

I am just wondering if you have found a place already and you are looking for a roomate or we still need to search.

post your phone number if possible so I can hala at you and meet if possible

peace out

Badr eddin

Hello Badr,

Thank you for your interest but I'm sorry I have already found a roommate and we are sharing an apartment right now.  but still if you need company we can certainly meet when your in Casablanca.