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housing in Marrakesh
Updated 2022-07-11 14:54

Relocating to Marrakech is going to be an exciting adventure, especially finding a property to rent. Marrakech can be so expensive and, at the same time, an incredibly cheap place to live in; it all depends on how well you know the local rental market and your connections. 

The real estate market is growing quickly in Marrakech, so if you are moving there, you will not face much difficulty finding housing in the city.

Renting accommodation in Marrakech is not that hard; neither is buying. In fact, the number of foreigners who opt to settle in Marrakech is increasing year after year. This is because this city offers so many options in respect of expats' budgets.

How to search for accommodation in Marrakech?

If you are a newbie in Marrakech, the internet is a good place to start looking for a place to rent. The biggest online advertisement website in Morocco is Many rental property listings are offered by agencies, though. Check classified ads in local newspapers, and go to some rental agencies which you can find in almost every corner of the city. Keep in mind that their commission is usually equal to the one month's rent. Another option is to have a look at Facebook groups, such as Expats in Morocco.

Word of mouth is another good way to find an apartment or house in Marrakech without having to pay a commission, especially if you already know some people in the city. If you have already decided on the neighborhood you wish to live in, try talking to shopkeepers in the area to see if they know of any available apartments. Moroccans love talking; they usually prefer live chats or calls to emails or text messages. You just have to take a tour of the neighborhood and ask around. However, if you don't speak Arabic or some basic French, this task can be a challenge.

The most popular neighborhoods in Marrakech

The location in Marrakech is important. Most expatriates prefer to live in a modern district. The most popular residential neighborhoods in Marrakech are La Palmeraie, Targa, Guéliz and Hivernage, as well as the northern and north-eastern outskirts, thanks to their modern buildings, their location mostly near the Medina, and their comparably safe streets. However, these areas are quite expensive places to live in. Medina, the old town of Marrakech, is always overcrowded and noisy, full of hectic street markets (souks), and full of traffic since the streets are narrow.

Generally, prices depend on whether you want to rent a studio, a multi-room apartment, or a large villa with facilities such as a garage, a courtyard, and a garden.

Good to know:

Do not forget about renegotiating the price when you are face to face with the owner. If you have any friends who are locals or expats in Marrakech, you should not hesitate to ask for their help.

Which are the areas to avoid in Marrakech?

By no means dangerous, the areas listed below should merely be avoided at night. As per the media and press articles, it is recommended to avoid the following zones: 

The Jewish neighborhood to the south of Jemaa el-Fna square. This is known as the Mellah district in the southeast of Medina and was formerly known as Hay Essalam.

There are areas inside Medina where many alleys are narrow and very dark at night. This may make you feel unsafe walking around late at night while trying to get home.

Al-Azzouzia, which is an impoverished district in the north-western suburbs of the center of Marrakech, is indeed not suitable for expats. 

Rent prices in Marrakech

As indicated above, Marrakech comprises different zones, from the most authentic places like Medina, the middle-class and high-class places like Gueliz and Palmeraie, to the most luxurious ones like Hivernage. It is worth noting that Medina offers mainly Riads, which represent authentic charming houses. Renting a Riad in Medina costs between 5000 Dhs and 9000 Dhs per month, depending on its size and standards. If you prefer to buy one, it will cost you between 900,000 Dhs and 9,000,000 Dhs, depending on its size, location and standards. In this case, it is possible to discuss with the property's owner on parting up the price into smaller parts that you will pay monthly.

Neighborhoods like Gueliz and Palmeraie have many studios, apartments and villas for rent and sale. You can easily rent a studio for 1000 Dhs to 2000 Dhs a month. Buying one would cost you between 300,000 Dhs and 650,000 Dhs. As for apartments, rent prices range from 6000 Dhs to 10,100 Dhs monthly, depending on the size, number of rooms, and whether or not it has a swimming pool. Buying one would cost you between 750,000 Dhs and 2,500,000 Dhs. For villas, rent prices range from 10,500 Dhs to 60,000 Dhs, taking into account their size and condition.

However, villas that are for sale cost between 1,500,000 Dhs and 40,500,000 Dhs. For example, an 800 m² villa in La Palmeraie, comprising five luxurious suites with bathrooms, a library, a pool, a large living room, and a dining room with fireplace, was for sale for 10,600,000 Dhs.

In Hivernage, some properties are targeted mainly at high-class and wealthy people. Renting an apartment there costs between 7500 Dhs and 20,000 Dhs per month. If you prefer to buy an apartment there, count between 800,000 Dhs and 6,000,000 Dhs, the purchase of a villa in Hivernage would demand a budget starting at 1,500,000 Dhs. Also, do not be surprised if a worldwide star happens to be your neighbor there.

Lease conditions in Marrakech

A foreigner who wants to get a property in Morocco will first have to open a bank account in Dirhams at any local bank to facilitate their payments. If you have not yet contacted someone, then you can opt for a Rental Housing Agency. In Marrakech, many of them serve as guides to expats through what they are looking for. For instance, Marrakech Opportunity Agency proposes many good properties for rent and sale.

Once you find the right property, you need to go to any notary that has a good reputation in the area. If you are lucky, the agency will lead you towards theirs. The notary will ask you to provide some documents such as your Residency Permit, the property's title and plan, and a copy of your identity documents and perhaps some additional documents. It is very important to keep in mind that some properties in Marrakech are not titled. Therefore, you should always opt for those that are titled.

Finally, you will need to sign a contract with the owner, be it for rent or sale. This contract is proof that you have rented or purchased the property from someone.

Student accommodation in Marrakech 

After high school graduation, many students leave their parents' homes to complete their higher education. If you are also a student in Marrakech, you will then face many accommodation options to choose from. 

Public university residence

Public university residences in Morocco are places where students' material needs are met, including accommodation, food, and other social, cultural and sports activities. Such residences typically comprise several buildings, a restaurant, a cafeteria, a library, etc. They also have a health care unit equipped with emergency care supplies and medicines. In Marrakech, there are two main public university residences: El-Kadi Ayad university residence and the annex university residence of Gueliz for girls.

Privates university residence

Private student residences in Morocco can offer a similar solution as public university accommodation. In response to the growing number of students, several private residence projects have been launched in different cities, including Marrakech. Such projects are usually initiated by non-profit organizations and are very affordable. If you have a limited housing budget, this is a very practical option for you.

The number of applications received by private university residences exceeds the available offers every year. If you apply early, your application can be processed more quickly. Alternatively, you can apply to privately funded student residences that provide a complete package (accommodation, catering, gym, laundry facilities, internet access, etc.). However, these residences are rather expensive and are therefore not suitable for students on a tight budget.

In a nutshell, there are three main private student residences that are located in Marrakech, namely Dar Talib Marrakech, Dar El Haouz and Dar Chichaoua for girls. 


Because there are not enough university residences in Marrakech to accommodate all the students coming from abroad, many students opt for traditional rental accommodation. From studios and rooms to flats, students now have a variety of rental choices to choose from. 

Nevertheless, this solution is also relatively expensive for some students, making it necessary to share their flats, houses, or rooms in order to minimize the costs of accommodation. 

Renting a student flat that is not expensive and not too far from your school is now a big challenge! If you want to maximize your chances, you ought to try everything! You can go for online ads but also rely on word of mouth. Here are a couple of districts that are perfect for those who want to study and rent in Marrakech: 

Sidi Abbad: located close to the Faculty of Science, this district is very suitable for students. It is also close to all kinds of shopping facilities, restaurants, pharmacies, etc. In addition, the rent in this neighborhood is not very expensive, with an average of 1,500 Dhs for a flat and 1,000 Dhs for a room.

Belbekkar Daoudiate: This area is located near the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences. All utilities are on the site, including local markets, pharmacies, shops, etc. If you want to rent a flat in Belbekkar, you will have to pay about 1,500 Dhs to 2,000 Dhs. 


Flat-sharing is about sharing accommodation with one or more other people and thus saving money on the rent and charges. Additionally, people who don't feel comfortable staying alone in their own homes are likely to enjoy this option. However, you should not forget that flat-sharing is not suitable for everyone and can sometimes lead to many problems!

Before jumping into flat-sharing, it is essential to carefully evaluate the situation to be sure that you are happy with it and that you will get on well with your flatmates. Although living in a shared flat may be an affordable solution, it can quickly become a living hell.

Quality of life in Marrakech

While Marrakech is a cosmopolitan touristic city, the living costs are much cheaper than in Europe and America. When it comes to food, you can enjoy the same products as in Europe at a reasonable price. If you like to enjoy the local specialties, you should take advantage of the Moroccan gastronomic traditions, which are widely admired and tasty. Besides, you can also a number of sports activities available in Marrakech such as swimming, fitness, dance, golf, etc. There are also quad bike and buggy tours for motorsports lovers and paragliding for adventure seekers. In brief, by staying in Marrakech, you will be able to enjoy all its advantages in all their forms: social, economic and cultural. 

Daily transportation in Marrakech

There are different means of transport available, regardless of whether you are moving within or out of Marrakech. The small yellow taxis of Marrakech are an ideal and cheap way to get around the city. While most drivers are decent and friendly, you should always avoid catching one near tourist sites. Typically, you need to tip the driver at least 1 or 2 Dhs. As a general rule, a taxi should not take more than three people. You can pick them up by raising your arm in the street or at the taxi stands. 

Alternatively, you can use public buses, but you need to be a bit daring and not in too much of a hurry! Otherwise, you can rent a car, with or without a driver, whenever you need. This way, you can be free to move around and get to your desired destination without issues. 

We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.