Looking to rent a riad to run it as business in Morocco

Dear friends,

We intend to find a riad to rent to run it as business, in or around, Marrakesh, Tangier, Fez, Essaouira.
Any specialized websites where we can find riads that are put up for rent? What would be the monthly fee for it, and what would be the monthly running cost per room. I don't know if in Morocco have the concept, rent to own.


I am trying to do the same thing, but have not found anything as yet.  There are riads to rent but they seem to be on the same websites as apartments

Good luck


Hey Deana,

This kind of deal, you can only get it from there, where the help of a local can save you a lot of leg work.

Businesses listed on the internet by realtors....are the same in the whole world, where the realtor is in no rush to sell, waiting for (that one) buyer willinig to pay for his hefty imposed commission.

I am sure if you get to stay 3-4 weeks in Morocco, with the help of a local good samaritean, you will find a great deal.


I have been here since October, and no good Samaritans to be found!!

All the people I approach, just want to sell me land or sell me a riad, which I do not have the money for



I meet some very, very nice people, knowledgeable and helpful in Morocco.
Maybe French language helped too, and I did find some nice business opportunities while there, but I was not ready for it.

When I say good Samaritan, I don't mean a person to help you for nothing, they all have families, mouths to feed, life to live...., but a person to help you for a nominal fee, (financial reward), proportional to his time, effort and expertise.

There is a tendency, from both sides, of people taking advantage of other people, but if they are upfront from the get-go, openly discuss about each other's expectations and rewards, one can establish a relationship based on mutual respect, and financial benefit.

Generally speaking, good Moroccan people, good Muslims, do not cut deals behind ones back, because this is considered theft.

At least that was my experience every time I have been to Morocco, 4 times, 3-4 weeks at a time. Am I wrong?



I don’t expect anything for nothing, I know nothing in life is free, unfortunately I do not speak French very well, and have been relying on people who speak Darija.

I really love the country and have worked a long time in the hotel and restaurant industry in my own country, so I know how to provide a very good service.  I just need the right opportunity to become available.

I have just not found the right people, who are in the know.

Dear Dea,

I would never dare to imply YOU expect something for nothing, far from me the thought. Sorry you understood I was referring to you.

I am absolutely convinced that opportunity will come your way, providing you have trust in faith, patience and tenacity.
Are you doing any kind of work (job or business) at the moment? What is your area of expertise if you don't mind me asking?

Hi Marin

I’m not working at the moment, which is a big problem.  I worked in the catering industry as a restaurant Manager for years and then was a general manager in a botuque hotel in a seaside resort in Suffolk. 

For the last nine years I had a change in career and have been an accounts/ manager doing bookkeeping and accounts for a firm in Suffolk.

So I know how to run a business and make a profit, just need the opportunity to find the right place.

I'm Mohamed i'm working in Marrakech as a Riad Manager and i advise you to avoid the websites it will costs you a lot of money, you need to find a deal.
For the prices of rent its depend to localisation of the Riad and the number of rooms in it and how is it..ect, its generally from 15000 MAD to 30000MAD and you need to stay in it for a period before you rent it and  see how the Things goes because sometimes problems appear like water pipes and electrecity...
Any way if you need any help or advices i will always on touch
All the best

Hey Mohamed,

Thank you for your intervention brother. We are looking for a 12-15 room riad with a good location, nice interior and a fully functional kitchen in Marrakech, somewhere clode to Jamaa el Fna, inside the Medina or outside

Hi Mohammed

How do I get a job or a Riad without the websites, I am not Moroccan how do I find out about them.

I was trying to get a job as a riad manager to start with to get some idea of how things work, nearly got one and then last minute it fell through.


From my own personal experience I believe the best way to find a job is to take 2-3 weeks to go there and start asking around. Get ready a CV with related previous experience and I believe you will have a better chance than seeking on the internet.

Last time I was in Morocco, 3-4 months ago, I was asked 2-3 times if I will be interested in a job, but I was not ready for it, as I have my own job.

Hi Marinpa,
I wish everything is ok
For 12 or 15 rooms it will costs you more but it will be good to have enaugh rooms.
When i said localisation i mean clean,quite and easy to find but for localisation in Marrakech is enaugh to be in old Medina or close to it..
All the best

Hi Deana,
Hope you are good
Yes to have a riad you need to know how things goes and it will be easy for you to manage it because you have a rich experience .
As lot of people helped me i will happy to help if you need information..
Best wishes

Thank you

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