cheap place for my rental

Good morning

Can you help me please with Accomodation
I am in Morocco on the 20 May tilll the 3rd June
Can you recommend a cheap place for my rental

Thankyou Mohammed

Hi Mohammed,

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I created a new topic as from your post on the Marrakech forum.

You should have a look at the housing in Marrakech section and post an advert there as well. You can also subscribe to this section.

Wish you good luck in your search,

HI Riad Rhaba in the Medina is very basic but comfortable with own bathroom and breakfast

Not sure if spelling right maybe Riad Rahba - it is 13 E per night but having your own bathroom and hot water is worth it
Around corner from Medina so no transport fees

Good luck and say UK lady sent you and they know who you mean

Hi, Iv got a good place at very reasonable cost thru

You can find some very reasonably priced riads and even apartments there.

HI actually from experience putting up a general advert can cause bombardment so my simple recommendation is book prior to departing with a clear price
You may not need to pay before you arrive
Print off the agreement and do not barter say that is agreed price

Think of what you really want and also remember location due to travel costs

Try to find your location too on GPS or you will find it could be around the corner but still cost you another 100MAD

Good luck and have a great time

I'm there in August but if you need to rent I can rent you my place. One room


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