Popular neighbourhoods in Marrakech

Medina, Marrakesh
Updated 2022-07-11 14:42

Marrakech comprises five leading neighborhoods, namely Medina, Mellah, Gueliz, Hivernage and Chrifia. Each of them has its own characteristics and is somehow different from the other. If you are planning to relocate to Marrakech, find out which neighborhoods best suits your needs and budget.

Good to know:

The whole city is full of police officers, who are dressed like civilians so they are not recognized. That contributes to making Marrakech a really safe city to live in.


Medina is one of the oldest areas in Marrakech, where authentic traditions can be observed. For those who seek a short-term stay, Medina offers the most low-priced hotels. They are all around the alleys that are close to the Souks (traditional markets) where one can easily get in touch with friendly people who are known for their hospitality. Besides, most of these hotels are Riads which are decorated with beautiful regional handicrafts. One night in a Riad could cost between 200 Dhs and 700 Dhs per person, depending on your choice.

Also, you haven't really known much about Medina until you have visited Jemaa el Fna Square, which is the most famous and biggest square in Africa, as well as the local souks. On the one hand, Jemaa el Fna Square gathers sellers of all sorts of local food such as juices, Tangia, Tagine, Moroccan cookies, local salads, etc. You can easily have a good meal and delicious juice for only 30 Dhs. Moreover, Jemaa el Fna is also a stage for different arts such as music, street dance, storytellers and snake trainers. On the other hand, Medina is home to about ten Souks (or markets), and walking around them is just magical. They offer everything you might want: handcrafts, clothes, perfumes, food, colors, and hospitality. While shopping there, you get the chance to bargain on anything you want.

Furthermore, each Souk in Medina is named after the product being sold there. 'Souk Cherratine' is where you can find everything that is made of leather. 'Souk Attarine' is for spices and groceries. 'Souk Zrabi' is where all sorts of carpets are found. 'Souk Fekharine' is a market dedicated only to pottery. 'Souk Chouari' is specific to weavers and wood.


Mellah is another old area of the city which is located near Medina. It used to be inhabited by only the Jews and today is home to a Jewish Cemetery. Mellah and Medina share many things in common such as the structure of the Souk. However, unless you want to rent or buy a Riad, it is better not to stay in Mellah because it is not that safe.


Gueliz is one of the newest areas in Marrakech. It includes modern restaurants, fancy hotels, bars and clubs, supermarkets, and small art galleries. Hotels in Gueliz are targeted at middle-class and high-class people. A night there costs more than 1000 Dhs, depending on what the hotel offers and what you are looking for. For those who want a long-term stay, you can easily rent an apartment starting from 3000 Dhs. If you are looking for a job in Marrakech, it is crucial to note that you will have the highest chance if you are among local applicants. As far as education is concerned, private schools start from nursery to secondary while public schools are available from primary to secondary.

When you are in Gueliz, you will have the chance to visit many fascinating places like the so-called 'Jardin de Majorelle' (Majorelle Garden), which is located at the heart of Gueliz. This garden is like a magical painting made real. It is so beautiful that one cannot get in there without the urge to take pictures. You can also visit the 'Matisse Art Gallery,' where you can enjoy different outstanding paintings and arts made by Moroccans and/or French painters and artists. At most, life in Gueliz is worth everything you can give.


Hivernage is the pure definition of the mixture between tradition and luxury. It is the destination of the wealthiest people in the world who want to enjoy the Los Angeles vibes mixed with some traditional touches. In fact, this area has been the perfect spot for many celebrities such as David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, and many others. As for the hotels in Hivernage, many of them are palaces and are really expensive. A night at one of these hotels costs more than 10,000 Dhs. Still, it is a well-beloved area since it is very calm, charming, and safe. This is undoubtedly why many stars, like Maître Gims, have chosen to own a property in this neighborhood.


Chrifia is another area that is targeted mainly by middle-class people. It is full of residential buildings and villas. You can buy an apartment there for 250,000 Dhs on average. As far as hotels are concerned, most of them are villas with pools and a night at one of them could cost 3000 Dhs or more. Just like Hivernage, Chrifia is also calm and beautiful. When you choose to live in this area, you are lucky enough to be close to anything you need, such as grocery stores, public and private schools, local markets, hair stylists, spas, etc.

Some monuments and attractions of Marrakech

As many historical cities of Morocco, Marrakech has indeed many attractions to offer. If you want to understand the magnitude of the Moroccan sultans (kings), you should visit the famous El Badi Palace in Marrakech. It took sixteen years of construction and was used for less than a century, leaving behind some of the most impressive remains in North Africa. Besides, the Ben Youssef Medersa, one of the largest Koranic schools in North Africa, is a true architectural masterpiece of Arab-Andalusia. For over four centuries, it was a home for theology students and combined the colorful magnificence of marble, cedar and stucco with geometrical forms that were intended to reflect the order of the world.

Approximately two hundred meters away from Jemaa El-Fna Square, which represents an architectural marvel in itself, you will find Marrakech's most symbolic religious building, namely the Koutoubia Mosque. Built by the Almohad dynasty, the structure looks sober and simple and is surrounded by luscious gardens with fountains and tree-shaded benches that are a welcome sight for tired visitors. Finally, in the south, not far from the Mellah area, you will find a building of more recent construction, but just as prestigious, called the Bahia Palace. It has a huge courtyard decorated with marble and is bordered with orange, palm and pomegranate trees.

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