I think my old landlord is trying to rip me off

so i moved into a new apartment in January and the owner of the apartment i used to live in has recently come back and said that i need to pay d'debilite for the year that i lived there.

Everyone that i have spoke to has said that this tax should be included in the rent. It is mentioned in the contract that I should pay this tax. However it is also mentioned that the rent was 3000 mad a month when i was paying 5000 mad a month (and have receipts to prove it) I knew about this as he wanted to pay less tax.

Just wondered if anyone worked in real estate and might have a clearer idea of what this tax is for and whether it is legal to charge tennants for this.



Hi Chris -

You did the right thing to get your rent payments in writing..always a good idea wherever you are, but especially here in Morocco where receipts are not commonplace.

Your landlord is probably out to screw you.   He probably got landed with this d'debilite bill and wants to pass the buck onto you - you are a Westerner after all, and loaded.  Whether you are or not, the bill is now his responsibility regardless, as you have moved out and moved on. 

I don't suppose you signed anything when you moved out, something indicating that he (your landlord)found everthing to be satisfactory, and releasing you from any further liability...?

I would need to see the contract you had with him to be sure (I own a property management business here in the US), but my guess is that this tax should have been part of your overall rent.  Its ridiculous that he is coming after you now, after the fact.

Either way, tread carefully, and try to manage the situation as tactfully as possible...there is a lot of corruption in Morocco, and law is relative.

Good luck!


let me know if you need a lawyer My sister in law  will  help out..
you can get a Free advise for first visit....

Normally is the landlord who should pay the Tax, but the fact that you signed a contract will make it difficult for you, regardless to what you have paid for your rent he is obviously dodging the taxes and by agreeing to sign 3000Dirhamms on the contract knowing that you ll be paying 5000 you became an accomplice.