Buy an apartment in Marrakech

Hiii everyone,

I'm Italian woman, i 'd like to buy an apartament in Marrakech...

I've already found what interests me...but I want to understand what I have to do to be in order...

In these last months I have tried to get information with all the people I know, both with Italians and Moroccans people, but I am still not convinced that I have understood correctly...

First of all I don't understand whether or not there is an agreement between states Italy and Morocco...for understand if I will must pay tax also in italy for the property...

if I have to go to a notary also to give the advance payment or not...

they told me that the apartments in Morocco are registered in the land registry at the time of the sale, not during the for the advance payment i can easly make a normal transfer from my italy bank to the manufacturer's and than they give me a "paper reservation"

is this enought?

Is it better that I open a bank account before and I must be in Marrakech,or firstly is not necessary ...Can I open at the end when I will buy the appartament?

The paper reservesion is sure?like a preliminare contract in italy?

Is it better that I have a lawyer with me??

Thank you in advance for answer and help me


@irenegambari Hello, madam, I hope you are well. I would like to give you advice and allow any intervention. Do not buy an apartment in Morocco, especially in Marrakesh, and be very careful, everyone will greed to take their share.

At least in this current situation


Hi there,

I hope you are doing great.

First off all, I would like to suggest to do not rush the process.

First of all, you need to know what proprety is this. Is this an appartement, a land, a project that is in the process of being sold and so on?

In the last scenario, i would advice you to be very carefull.

Then, you would need to check if a series of papers are in order.

I can also speak Italian if you need some further info

Best Regards

@hosnkhatimaa why do you think so?


everybody say to me to be carefull...yes...

I know,also in italy and in all the world the people  must be carefull when buy an apartment...

I'd like to know why all people say this...and I'd like ti know whatever is needed for make everything in the correct way...

Maybe better that we speak in italian :) so probably i can understand better...

Thank you so much

@irenegambari Because the snake has bitten me and I see every snake rope, and I do not want you to see neither the snake nor the rope, madam. I hope the meaning is clear. I am not saying that you cannot buy, but I say that here in Morocco you must be very careful and search well.  And have a trustworthy and Moroccan person with you, and do not buy an apartment in the process of construction or on paper. It must be ready and you can see it with your own eyes, and the notary must be experienced and fully confident. The interesting thing is because you are in Morocco and as long as you are in Morocco, do not be surprised.

@hosnkhatimaa I can imagine... in fact I'm looking for as much information as possible...

Anyway,this apartment that I saw are half already built and half are under construction...I saw some apartments finished with furniture and some are yet... is like a residence...

I went to see them with a Moroccan friend that have bought one of these...and I spoke with with the builder's intermediary...

After 1 months I said to a father of my friends that was in Marrkech If could to see(father of my friend is Moroccan but lives in italy) these apartment to understand if are a good and affidabile buildings...

He said yes...

But he has a dual nationality and I don't understand if all he told me is enought...

Or is better that I have a lawyer with me...

My friend that bought the appartament in the same place showed me the reservation paper...but we speak only in English and he doesn't the law of he can't help me correctly...

@irenegambari In this case, it is better to entrust a specialized lawyer to avoid sudden problems

@irenegambari all ya need is a notary plus consult with your country consulat or embassy..every area has it's own tax as per square meter set by da tax need for down payment and even if you do make sure its done at the certified notary's office ..

@irenegambari ask your embassy if they recommend any notary or ask any foreign mission in great Morocco.

@bromfri I have already contacted my embassy who gave me of Moroccan lawyer who also speaks Italian...So it is better that I contact him...I just wanted to understand this....Thank you so much :)

Lei puo parlare con me in italiano

Ciao ,

Allora prima di tutto non ti consiglio di comprare adesso... mi dirai perché ? Perché oggi il marrocco a grossi problemi con l algeria che da piu di 8 mesi sta cercando di intrare in guerra per riprendere il sahara e altro :  hanno fatto 20 giorni fa un primo consiglio di guerra... il marrocco fa la politica de l autruche... poi il re e molto malato e c una fine di regne molto figlio a 19 anni ed e troppo fratello non vuole prendere il seguito dell fratello...e poi c e israel che aspetta solamente il cambiamento per fare un.colpo di stato... dunque non e proprio il momento...

Irene vuoi comprare per venire in vacanza o per residere ?

@irenegambari  try to contact your consulate in Marrakesh to put in contact with reputable people and companies for this, there a lots of bad crooks in this areas who will steal your money.

The vice consulate of Italy in Marrakech is located at 2 Rue Ibn Aicha, Immeuble Bella - IV Etage and can be contacted by telephone on 00 212 52 442 0276 as well as by email [email protected] and [email protected].

be careful. I hope that this helps.

@Jacqueline888 per il momento per le vacanze...poi vedrò!

@idouarab2712 thank you so much!!🙏

I try to write to thi contacts :)

Hello everyone,

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Okk sorry...I'm new member in this topic...I didn't know....

Now,I will write only in English!

Thank you so much for the information...:)



dont  be that negative😊

of course you have to be careful, but it is possible to buy an apartment without having trouble.

I am a woman and I bought a flat in one of the best spots in Marrakech without having any problem.

the best advice I can give, is to go and see a Notary,


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@timmyhumbert You bought without problems. You are lucky, but she may be a victim. We advise her to be careful, and I thank you for your advice, of course, not out of pessimism, but there are many victims who have fallen into trouble.

With regard to the issue of war,  and Algeria, and so on, this is a big issue, and it does not belong here, and it remains only politics, because Morocco is in his sahara and the Sahara is in his morocco and Algeria covets the Moroccan desert with the help of France, and Morocco will not give up what is its possession, and the speaking is also About the King of Morocco, his family and his privacy has nothing to do with the issue of buying an apartment, and you should not follow the communications sites and believe the media, because everyone knows that the media is a hypocrite, and for this reason, please focus on the issue that the Italian lady is asking about buying an apartment in Marrakech and give her advice because Morocco is a safe country And peace for thousands of years, and it will remain so, God willing. Thank you for your understanding


you do not need a lawyer, but just follow the procedures of the company that you are buying the property from.  Also, before then try to make a research about that particular company to reassure yourself about their contracts, etc.

good luck. I did the same and it worked fine for me.

@irenegambari I know a trustworthy person who can help you and everything went well with no tricks.  Please let me know if you need the contact.

@nlazhari do you say that is enough?

Is not necessary a notary for the "advance payment"?

That I don't know what a notary could be make if come back with me to speak with the property...

they have already told me that they do it this way:

For reserve the apartament would an advance payment...and we would give me a reservation paper...when the building are ready (told me in June) I will go with notary for complete the purchase...

Thank you so much for informations :)


Hi. Sorry to hear that some people have negative thoughts on buying in Morocco or Marrakech.

as an expat myself living in Marrakech for 10 years, and a Investor. I can say don't be scared and don't be put off by what some people may say or their experience

buying now is the perfect time wiles prices are affordable.

as far as tax goes you have to check with your accountant in Italy to check if a tax treaty is in place for Italy but from my understanding I think their might be and if so then you only pay tax in the the country you have earns the money. So not on property tax unless you sell the asset in Morocco then pay tax in Morocco.

buying is simple you can open an account or use a notary but please make sure you agree a price in local currency and not Euro.

factor the exchange rate and yes contracts needs to be in place which the notary will draw up.

the process is quite straight forward

you have the price of the house and around

8-10% in fees and taxes etc.  notary would charge around 6% on average.

feel free to message privately if you need anymore help.


Arif Esa