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If you intend to move to Fez, it should not be difficult to find somewhere to live in this historic city, as rental prices are fairly low. You should first identify the area in which you want to live and learn about its surroundings. You might also consider the proximity of facilities such as transport, public services, schools, and shopping centres.

Neighbourhoods in Fez

Al Quaraouiyine, which hosts a university, has a large number of housing units, including some for students. Mellah is a tourist and commercial area and is not recommended for security reasons. Other areas downtown, including Narjiss, Najjarine, and Medersa Bou-Inania are modern neighbourhoods, where you will find apartments and villas at affordable prices. Places like Hay Badr, Hay Lalla Soukaina, and Saada are simpler with cheaper rent. The most popular residential areas of the city of Fez are located in the new city and the outskirts of the city. Beware of neighbourhoods like Bendebab and Bensouda, as they can be dangerous. One of the oldest neighbourhoods of Fez is the old Medina, which is considered to be the cradle of history and culture of Fez. The old Medina includes a large number of traders and buildings which bear the marks of Andalusians who originally settled there. This area is interesting to explore, and you might be interested in living nearby, but most homes in the Medina are not available.

Rent prices in Fez

You are less likely to find studio apartments in Fez compared to other Moroccan cities. However, you can rent a one-room apartment for as little as 900 dirhams, and a three-room apartment for about 3,500 dirhams. For a five-room apartment, you will need between 5,000 and 8,000 dirhams depending on the level of comfort and facilities available. If you prefer to rent a villa, you will need between 10,000 and 20,000 dirhams. You can also choose to rent a traditional home in the older neighbourhoods, which is cheaper.

Buying property in Fez

If you plan to stay in Fez for a long time or if you want to have a second home where you can spend your holidays, you might consider buying a property. There are more housing offers than demands, which is why prices have considerably decreased during the last few years. You can find an average new house from as little as 600,000 dirhams. If you already have a bank account in Morocco, you might consider taking a loan for the purchase of your home.

 Good to know:

As an expatriate in Fez, you are not allowed to buy a mortgaged property or housing that has been let on a long-term lease. You are also not allowed to acquire a farm property. However, you can buy a well-furnished and registered accommodation located in an urban area.

Lease procedures

Once you find rental housing in Fez, it is necessary to negotiate the price with the landlord. The price doesn't include water and electricity bills. The rent contract is then drawn up and has to be notarized. The lease usually lasts for one year, so it has to be renewed. You will also have to pay a tax for the rent, which could be equivalent to a month's rent. The last part is to put the utility bills in your name. To do this, you fill out a form, which then has to be signed by the landlord, and present it to the utility company's local office (you can also pick up the form from their counter).

 Good to know:

A good way to find a place is by checking social media group and post, mostly Facebook. You can also find flat-sharing offers for expats.

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