Estate Agents in Fès el bali

Hi I am attempting to compile a list of Estate agents/ advertisers who deal in property in Fès el bali.....Please add to this list if you have links, contacts or knowledge. I have been finding it difficult getting a reply from some but intend following things up with phone calls once in Morocco. Any tips and links to info re current purchase of property in the medina would also be helpful to myself and anyone else interested. There is quite  a lot of info on View from Fez blogspot and in a few other places - but some of this is now out of date. The following is what I have so far found or been directed towards...; )))

fez-realestate; atlas immobilier; louer et vendre au maroc ; fesproperties; maison de maroc ( no one answering); Bikhir;

Hello Zeinab Maghrebbi.

Welcome to! :)

This page could help perhaps -> Real estate in Fes.

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