I'm looking for a female roomate in Marrakech / Je cherche une coloc

I'm looking for a female roomate, I live in Marrakech / Amerchich, next to the school of cinema ESAV ( near Marjane ). The place is fully furnished, but there is space for anything extra. Five minute ride to Guiliz, and 5 minute walk to public transportation. The room can be furnished if you would like.
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Hi jasmine hold,

I advise you to post your accommodation request in the Shared accommodation In Marrakech section as well please, it may also give you a boost. :)

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Hi, are you still looking for a roommate? I'll be arriving in Marrakech on Sunday and staying until August 5th. How much would the rent be?

hello are you looking to rent house or room if you like to rent house i have house to rent

Yes I am still looking, I live in a kind of campus, half of the people living here are from my school of cinema, everyone is very open and friendly, It's 1500dh a month, about 150 american dollars, do you have whatsapp or facebook where we can chat better ?

I have whatsapp. What is your user name? Also, what is the place like? Are the rooms separate?

the rooms are separated, It's furnished and i have all kitchen needs.

Hi Jasmine,

I would suggest you avoid sharing personal info on the public forum for safety reasons.

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