How to develop a professional network in Marrakech

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Updated 2022-07-11 14:31

Developing the proper professional network is a key element of success for any entrepreneur or employee, be they Moroccan or foreigner. The question is, how can you build your professional network once you arrive in a land where no one knows you, and you have never met anyone there? In order to guide you, this article will help you to establish a professional network in Marrakech.

Determine your connections and goals

Building a network as soon as you start a business or a new job in Marrakech is a vital part of your life. You need to find out about your colleagues, potential customers and partners who have the same interests and ambitions for success as you do, but how do you find them?

Your private network is a good source of information, connections and leads. They are an excellent way to create and expand your first business network. From the beginning, you should target the people who can assist you in creating value for your work or business in Marrakech:

  • Family members, friends and associates
  • Former co-workers and fellow students, especially Moroccans and Arabs
  • People you share a passion with
  • Your neighbors and shopkeepers who are familiar with you

This way, you will be able to find out what each person can bring to you. By choosing accurately those who will allow you to develop your professional relationships, you will construct, gradually, a dynamic and effective networking strategy.

Building and maintaining your professional network

Once you have defined the right people to create the basis of your professional network, it is now time to consider expanding and enriching it. By using networking tools, you can get a good start. For instance, on LinkedIn, you can easily find professional profiles that meet your expectations and needs. In addition, you can keep track of the upcoming professional events that will take place: Facebook group meetings, local LinkedIn events, and other opportunities to make long-lasting and important connections.

You should never hesitate to attend business exhibitions or trade fairs specializing in your field of activity, as there are many events in Marrakech. They will facilitate your contact with other professionals. Workshops and executive clubs, in accordance with your field of activity, are also excellent places for networking.

If you want to keep your professional relationships, be they commercial or related to your most valuable partnerships, then you have to be around. Through networking, you can regularly grow your business network by making yourself a valuable asset. Be a source of business connections for members of your network by giving advice, putting them in touch with each other and creating business leads.

How to meet like-minded people in Marrakech

There are many ways to find people with whom you share the same thoughts in Marrakech. Be it online or face-to-face, finding the right way to get in touch with people depends on the means and the tools you are using.

Online networking

Are you eager to find some people who have similar professional opinions and visions as yours? You can always begin by creating your own network, though online. First of all, you can look for the best employers and professionals in your field on the Internet or ask your mutual acquaintances to put you in contact with them. To achieve this, you may use many platforms such as and You can also participate in the webinars, which are highly recommended. Do not be afraid to follow the speakers or professionals on Twitter and any social network where they are active. Make yourself visible and join conversations. One way to get noticed is to leave thoughtful and well-constructed comments. Be it under posts or blog entries, do not go off the deep end. Keep commenting!

Physical networking

For this, you will need to be at your best. You can attend conferences, seminars and/or meetings. So as to find the ones that meet your needs, you can register on many websites such as,,, which offer exclusive meetings and events in Marrakech. Also, try to diversify your meetings. Do not visit the same place with the same people all the time. Try to approach people of different sexes and ages.

You can also opt for going on an excursion where you can meet different people. For example, you may target the person that interests you the most, or you can make friends with everyone, and they will assist you whenever needed.

Get invited

Another excellent way to meet people who have the same visions as yours in Marrakech is to attend local families' meetings and events. Try to make friends with most of your co-workers, if not all of them, to be invited to their families' events. For instance, in a local marriage ceremony, you can find many people of different age groups, sexes, occupations, backgrounds, visions and social classes. Therefore, you can easily get in touch with the right people at such an event.


One of the most satisfying ways to connect outside work is volunteering. The best part of volunteering is that you get to interact with a wide variety of people, be they volunteers or people you are helping. Besides, you will find volunteers from different social classes and professional sectors. To get involved, you can find all the existing associations in Marrakech on

The importance of self-esteem

In order to create effective relationships, there is one vital and fundamental element: soft skills, in addition to hard skills. Being aware of one's self is a question of intuitive intelligence, of human and relational qualities. The ability to recognize one's personal values and human qualities boosts self-esteem, improves communication, and thus leads to quality relationships that are conducive to the smooth running and success of your business.

Managers usually have a well-defined and clear vision. A genuine leader has strong communication skills and knows how to motivate, encourage and influence their team members and colleagues. Managers are normally aware of their power over others, conscious of their strengths, skills, resources, and true value. This is quite different from the kind of power we take over others to feel superior and to give ourselves a sense of value. It often hides a lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem.

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