Starting a business in Morocco (Marrakesh)

Hello! I am a half moroccan currently living in Europe and I am considering starting a business in Marrakesh (or maybe another city in Morocco).

My main plan is to start a cafe/simple restaurant serving  mostly breakfast, lunch and snack meals. I have ideas on how to maybe make it a little different and more interesting than all other cafes there. I hope it can be visited by both tourists and locals, that's why I thought Marrakesh might be the right place, but I have some questions for those who either live in Morocco or have experience with moroccan business.

Around how much would this cost, if it is located in a kind of good/popular area?

Is this cafe a good idea or is it not really smart/wanted in Marrakesh (or other cities)?

Do you actually earn money on a cafe in Marrakesh (Morocco)? I have no dream to be rich but of course it would be nice with food and a roof over my head.

Any other business ideas that are more wanted and needed in Morocco right now?

Please share if you have any other tips or advice.
Thanks in advance!

I think, to get an idea, is to start searching online for (magasin a vendre Gueliz), or any other areas i Marrakech. get an idea of real estate prices through ads online.

Hello! I am from the USA and also interested in starting my own business in Marrakech. I am originally from marrakech and have some ideas. contact me via email or private message and we can share some ideas! xoxo

hi. i am interested in starting a restaurant in morocco. pls let me know if you have any advice. thx.

Look at you tube for

مشروع المقاهي في 45 دقيقة

This is Moroccan show discuss it in detail .. Cafe will cost from 200K-1000K  dollars or more.  It is hot market ..

I would love to do something.  UK grammar school educated. Disciplines. Politics accountancy and taxation

I could start a business selling English sausages

I could start a belly dance night club.

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