Becoming a digital nomad in Morocco

Updated 2020-05-19 12:01

A gateway to Africa, Morocco used to be inhabited by the nomadic Berber people travelling across the Sahara Desert. Today, it comes as no surprise that this alluring location welcomes the modern nomad — a travelling freelancer looking for new authentic experiences of which Morocco offers aplenty.

Why Morocco?

Working in Morocco puts you in the heart of an Arabian fairytale. Here, you will get to enjoy people-watching in a local café with a cup of a traditional mint tea, indulge in a hearty plate of tajin or couscous, and do your daily shopping at a swarming bazaar. And within a five-minute walk, a vibrant metropolitan centre, with fancy hotels, restaurants and state of the art architecture.

With a relatively low cost of living, a variety of historical and natural attractions and enigmatic cities and small towns, Morocco is a mix of strong traditions and dynamic young culture. While the internet in Morocco leaves a lot to be desired, there are some interesting options when it comes to coworking spaces and a variety of unique after-work activities to explore.

 Good to know:

For a truly authentic experience, consider renting a riad for the length of your stay. Riad is a traditional colourful housing often with a courtyard and sometimes a swimming pool. Riads are found mostly in old cities like Fes, Marrakech, Sale, and you can also find some near the south.

Visa requirements for working in Morocco

Morocco offers visa-free entry to citizens of most European countries and the Americas. If you're planning to stay in Morocco for an extended period, you should apply for a residency card at the head police precinct (preferably within the first 15 days of your stay). You may also try to apply for a work visa as self-employed, but applying for a residency card is preferable as the process is easier. That way, you can look for rent legally as a resident.

Best Moroccan cities to work from 

Taghazout is a small port and fishing village in Morocco's south-west. Despite the town's miniature size, the area is under rapid development and has become the go-to location for digital nomads in the country. Offering beautiful beaches with surfing as the main pastime, plenty of cafes and restaurants, and a coworking space, Taghazout is a digital destination to keep an eye on.

If you want to dive right into the unique atmosphere of a traditional Moroccan town, Marrakesh is the perfect spot to explore. With its busy souqs (traditional markets), ancient artistry, one-of-a-kind architecture, and frenetic energy, this buzzing caravan town won't let you down. Marrakesh also has a coworking space if the many coffee shops are not the right fit for you.

'Of all the gin joints in all the towns in the world, she walks into mine.' Ever since Rick Blaine uttered these words in the famous 1942 romantic drama, Casablanca has become a dream destination for romantics everywhere. However, the Casablanca of today is a modern and quickly developing city where the traditional Mauresque buildings stand side by side with mushrooming skyscrapers. As of recently, Rabat has become the number one destination for expatriates in Morocco.

The internet and coworking spaces in Morocco

Almost all hotels and coffee shops in Morocco offer free Wi-Fi, but most nomads report slow connections and download speeds. It is thus recommended getting a SIM card with a good mobile internet package, which will allow you to work freely anywhere in the county. However, you may choose to work from smaller cafes (fewer users, faster internet connection), or you can look for more expensive cafes providing optic fibre internet connection.

There are plenty of coffee shops, which offer a simple and authentic environment with signature strong coffees and aromatic mint teas. On top of that, most big cities will offer you at least one coworking space for a more office-like environment. If not, you can pick a coworking space. Most companies offering office spaces provide coworking spaces as well with free coffee and internet, 24\7 access for as low as 500 Dh per month.

Coworking space in Taghazout

SunDesk, Rue Tasga Oudrar 31

Coworking space in Marrakesh

Creative Lab, Rue Ibn Aïcha

Coworking space in Casablanca

Netspace, 7 Rue de Sebta, Résidence Rami

Coworking space in Rabat


Living costs in Morocco

The reason for Morocco's popularity among digital nomads is its low living costs compared to other countries. You can basically live up comfortably with 6,000 Dh per month (covering everything from rent, food, clothing, water and electricity, transportation and so on).

Leisure in Morocco

Morocco is anything but boring. In addition to wandering the winding city streets, exploring local markets, and admiring the region's colourful, eclectic architecture, Morocco is a country of fascinating natural beauty. Here, you can sleep in a tent in the Sahara Desert, travel to the impressive Ouzoud Falls, climb to the peak of Toubkal or explore the Todgha Gorge. Don't miss out on relaxing in a traditional Hammam or taking a Moroccan cuisine cooking class.

What to know before arriving

Residents of many countries can stay in Morocco visa-free for up to three months. If you want to stay in the country longer, you may apply for a visa extension at a Moroccan police station. If your country of origin does not benefit from visa exemption policy, you must apply for a tourist visa in advance at a Moroccan Embassy or Consulate.


For safety reasons, it is not recommended to visit areas outside of recognised tourist locations.

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