Practicing as a General Practitioner in Morocco

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I am a Pakistani doctor currently working as a Registered General Practitioner in Abu Dhabi.I am planning to start my own private small clinic in Morocco preferably in Tangier or Tetouan. I need all the necessary information.

1-I have Pakistan Medical council full time registration and Health Authority Abu Dhabi(HAAD) full time registraion.Am I eligible to work in Morocco? or do I need to fulfill other requirements?I know Arabic ( Intermediate level) as language  carries importance in my profession.

I will appreciate every single piece of information.

Thanks in anticipation

Hello syedrazabukhari

I invite you to read this article so as to gather some useful infos : Setting up a business in Morocco

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@syedrazabukhari hello may I ask how did work for you?  The small clinic in Morocco?  Is it possible for a Pakistani doc?

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Please note that the initial poster has not been active on the forum for years now (5 years).

I don't think you will get a reply from him so please consider opening your own topic on the Morocco forum.

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@Bhavna OK thank u i'll check it to get the needed information.  Have a greet day