A good salary in Morocco ?

Hi everyone,
I recently got an offer teaching English in Morocco with a salary of 500dhs a month. 
Is this a good salary? If not, what is a 'good' salary in Morocco?
Thanks in advance :)

500? Or 5000?

Yes it should be a mistake, I hope,  nobody can say  if it's a good salary or not but you.
For me less than 15000 is not good, but if you can live and be happy with 5000 it's perfect.
Some people live with 2000 and less when others need much more than 30000 it depens....

Hi sorry I meant 5000dhs a month
Thanks for ur contribution guys :)

Not easy to live with just 5000,- DHS / month. Of course it depends on your lifestyle and also where are you going to stay. There is quite a big difference in prices throughout  Morocco espacially when it comes to housing (appartment which costs 6000,- DHS in Casablanca would cost you just 3000,- in Agadir). I would say that good salary starts on 13 000.

what ? 500dhms?thats only 50 usd are you kidding?I'm sorry I'm also English teacher and teaching abroad for more than 6 years your salary is only for 2.5 hours pay.

Hi Gina sorry I meant to write 5000dhs a month

Thanks everyone for ur contributions :)

oh ok but for me 5000 dhms is not good salary.why dont you try to apply in casablanca frech school they need teachers leaving there in morocco. I applied last month but they told me they prepared teachers who are already leaving there.

Ok thanks!

Which School was is ?

It was at American Language Centre &
The salary was 5000dhs not 500dhs - that was a typing error!