Open a small restaurant in Morocco

Hi! I'm an Italian Canadian considering to open a small business in Morocco:
small pizzeria to be exact, I'm a professional pizzaiolo.
Is there anybody here that can suggest me the best locations to do so? and/or maybe a potential partner, I'm planning to leave Canada around December.

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Moroccans like food and are looking for quality food also. I think you should try differents cities and feel which city gives you that feeling of home.

I am a lover of Tangier so I will make promotion for Tanger normalyy hahaha.



thanks Elmo


I have the same Suggestion as Elmo. I think Tangier City can be a Good Choice for your Project. I hope so.

is it that area where they speak spanish?

In sale

Like others have already suggested maybe Tanger. By the way, most of the northern half of Morocco speak Spanish. Do your research so that you succeed hopefully.
For example in my city El Jadida you will find rows and rows of cafe/restaurants right next to each other?    Often I see many are empty and the front few tables outside occupied by smokers! I don't know how they make money!

In Tangier you can manage with spanish, french and english. It has a growing expats community.

There is not a single place in Tangier that serves decent pizza other than Casa d'Italia, at Ancienne Palais Moulay Hafid, the Italian Institute. But people go here for semi formal meal and too be seen. Not to chill.

If your pizza is good (thin crust) and your place is charming and has a good view of the sea, people will come. 

Unlike Casa and Marrakech, Tangier is small and words spread quickly. Loyal customers from the upper middle class - mostly expats and retirees - are also abundance. First impression is everything.

@GuestPoster8493 hi sir, how are u?

I plan to also open a small restaurant near Marakech city. Can we link up please to talk about this.


Hello Bteismaa,

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It is best to start a topic of your own on the Morocco forum should you want to seek advice from members.

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the best location for a new pizzeria is in

Larache. 90 km south from Tangier.


because I will soon open a restaurant too.

@fooyonghai1 Agadir is the best place for a very good restaurant if you want to make money. Only the best will do otherwise go somewhere else.