New stamp on passport

Hi I am in need of getting another 90day stamp on passport . Which is best way to go about it? Crossing spain via ferry for the day on a return or crossing  cueta by foot for a few hours and return?

Dear Ayesha,

I have just seen your post, I must inform you that i have tried 3 times in morcco, i went 5 times in past 4 years. i can tell you but i will never ever tell you, you know why! done engament twice in morocco and once i found out the reality before marriage.

Beleive me or not, they talk very nice, the behaive good. but 99.99% are cheaters. Whole families are part of the game, including brothers sisters, friends mother father etc. Wallah they have not 1 or 2 extra relations but many and men are more .....

I know you will cry regret in near future. Drop this idea and find someone from your own country or at least not from Morocco or tunesia. you will lose time, money, and get hurt a lot. You will get nothing else at the end.

I am sorry but this is the reality, when they got well expereinced and tired from "local market" then they reach to scale and try dating website and present themself shy, innocent, honest... this is all drama,,, totally.

If you ask morroccon women about men, the first answer would be "they change just from the day of marriage" even if you know for 5-10 years, you will find them drinking, drugs, missbehave, shout, hit, and physical relations with friends, collegues, cousins, neighbours... etc.

I feel really sad for you.

May Allah protect you and bless before you get hurt.

Marraige is nothing to do with my question. 

@Aisha23 Hi Aisha, hope you're well. It would probably depend on where you're living? I have a friend who flies from Fes to Malaga as a visa run every three months. You can get a term time return flight for around £20. Just look at the flight times to make sure you have enough time for a turn around. I'm sure there's similar flights you can catch from other airports.

@aviator1 does your friend do the return the same day or does your friend leave it  day between flights?

Hi Aisha, just heard back from him. He usually returns on the same day. Flights are only a couple of hours apart so you have to make sure you look at landing and return times carefully. He has stayed there on occasion and just slept at the airport as the flights were the next morning.

Whereabouts are you based?

@aviator1 hi, I ended up crossing I to ceuta , it was actually very easy and took around a hour all together. That's crossing in and crossing back :)

I am pleasantly surprised at this. I guess it makes sense as it's a Spanish territory. Do they stamp your passport on the way out of Morocco crossing the land boarder?

@aviator1 yes they stamp your passport upon entry and exit. For each morocco and spain. I found walking it a ease .infact the whole process was.  And the cars where quickly through to. Although I guess during holiday time it would be very busy so expect a bit of a wait. I'm glad I did not listen to many sites on the Internet with advise to leave it at last resort.

Walking over the land border to Ceuta and back in the same day is OK.

However, the Moroccan customs officers are becoming Strict about what you can bring into Morocco, e.g. not bringing food in from Spanish supermarket, etc.