Moroccan w/ UK Exp: Seeking English Speaking Roles!

Greetings everyone!

I'm a Moroccan currently living and working in the UK. After many years living in the UK, I'm feeling the pull of home and am excited to start planning my return to Morocco. One of my key goals is to build a fulfilling career there, utilising the experience and skills I've gained while working in the UK.

As English proficiency is increasingly valuable in Morocco, I'm particularly interested in exploring opportunities where my ability to communicate effectively in English would be an asset. Industries like tourism, education, business, and technology come to mind, but I'm open to learning about other possibilities. I have a background in HR Operations and HR Business Partnering. I was wondering if there are other fellow Moroccans who have made such a move and what were their experiences.




Hello Bilal,

Till members guide you, feel free to create your CV in the Jobs in Morocco section of the website.

All the best