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I've been back and forth to Agadir for last 15 years, originally from London. Currently living in Thailand for 10 years now working online creating various applications from e-learning apps to help underprivileged kids, AI ML software for Thai law enforcement and for education sector to help stop crime.

I currently have 15-20 friends from India, Philippines and Pakistan who are interested in teaching in various parts of Morocco.

I would like to pick your brain if someone is kind enough to assist or advise me on a small matter.

1. How is teaching sector in Morocco for foreigners from Asia?

2. If we set up a LLC agency in Morocco, are we able to hire foreigner and contract them out to universities who are looking for teachers in various fields. (I have candidates in different subjects like; science/chemistry, web and software developer, accountant, physics mathematics and many more)

3. Is there any requirements that we have to have X amount of Moroccan staff employed for us to employ foreigners?

4. What is average or going rate for foreign teachers for monthly salary?

5. What job sites are popular in Morocco where various teaching jobs are mainly posted for foreigners?

6. Do you have any recommendations for someone you have used to do visa extension, application for work visa and work permit that is reliable?

Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and happy to return the favour for any input from someone with experience and knowledge.

Thank you kindly for taking the moment to read my long arse message.

Much appreciated.

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Dear Sir,

Please find bellow quick answers to your queries :

1- Teaching sector in Morocco is in expension, no matter where you are from but more what you are willing to teach.

2- Yes you can employ foreigners and contract them for universities or schools.

3- To employ foreigners you have to obtain work permit for each foreign employee. Process is govern by ANAPEC (work administration).

There is no minimum of moroccan employee before being able to hire foreigners.

4- Depend on the field and kind of university or school they teach at. For private universities it's around 10.000 to 15.000 MAD per month for PHD profils.

5- ANAPEC website,, etc..


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@ Mouad Aktaou.

Thank you kindly for your reply.

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