Seeking a job

Hello everyone , I'm a 28 year old Moroccan citizen; I have four years of teaching experience in China and one year of experience as a salesman in Casablanca. I speak good English as I had a bachelor degree in English; I also speak Chinese , Arabic and Tamazight .

looking for a job here in Morocco as an ESL teacher or a salesman .

@Neagn: I am totally impressed with your language skills especially Chinese. Not very many, if at all any, seek to learn Chinese. I am trying to teach my 3 yr old Moroccan daughter to learn it by having her watch "Chinese for Toddlers" on YouTube. In shaa Allah she will pick it just as she did with English and my Jamaican dialect. As for your job search I suggest you try the British Academy in Buscura. Its a great school and would certainly be a great  place to work, in shaa Allah. Good luck brother.


thank you so much ! Good luck with your little angel


Hello and welcome !

Feel free to create your CV in the Job offers in Morocco section of the website for better exposure.

All the best



1f60d.svgthank you


Are you looking only in Casablanca?


hey , not only Casablanca. If you have any vacancies anywhere else please lemme know