Finding a job in Rabat

Updated 2020-05-19 14:27

Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, is the administrative centre of the country. Over the past few years, Rabat has experienced significant economic developments. The restructuring of local government and the establishment of new businesses in the area have created many job opportunities in the city.


To be able to work in Rabat, you must first determine if you need a visa to enter Morocco. If you come from a European country, you must simply have a passport valid for at least three months to be allowed to enter the country. Once there, you must register at the local commissioner's office and the ANAPEC, and then you may begin looking for work. Later on, you may apply for a work permit which can be extended afterwards. If you are hired permanently by your employer, you can later apply for permanent residence.

The labour market in Rabat

The city of Rabat hosts not only local and regional authorities but also embassies, international organisations and non-governmental organisations. There are also new companies specialised in different sectors, including information technology and communications, industry, trade, finance and engineering. It is also possible to find a job in the fields of construction, education, policy and health.

Some sectors such as automotive, electronics, textile have experienced a significant slowdown. These areas do not really require the recruitment of foreign expertise. However, the Moroccan government plans to redouble its efforts in order to give a new dynamism to the labour market of the capital.

Job hunting in Rabat

To find a job in Rabat, visit job websites or the classifieds section in local newspapers. You can also seek help from a recruitment agency who will help you to find a job matching your profile. Word-of-mouth could also work should you have friends or relatives in Rabat. You can also check Indeed Morocco, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Jobnet Africa and the ANAPEC.

 Good to know:

Rabat is a major city, and very popular among expatriates. You can easily find work as a language teacher. Look also for local expatriate communities, social clubs and cultural/language centres which can be very helpful in your job hunting process.

Unemployment in Rabat

Despite being a relatively small city, Rabat has a quite low unemployment rate compared to other cities like Casablanca and offers most job opportunities for expatriates, usually in embassies, schools, cultural centres and others.

 Good to know:

Wages don't vary from city to city in Morocco. But expect to make at least 5000 Dh a month as an expatriate, and higher for middle management and executives positions.

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