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Rabat is known to be a very open city with many green areas and has less economic activity than other major cities, and as of recently the most popular destination in Morocco among expatriates. You will find many administrative offices, schools, and universities there. There are many different neighbourhoods to choose from, and housing is generally less expensive than in nearby Casablanca. Living in the nation's capital will give you opportunities to enjoy cultural events, historic sites, open markets, and efficient travel to many other cities in Morocco.

House hunting in Rabat

You will find real estate agencies throughout the city. However, they may require a commission which can be equivalent to up to one month's rent. Word-of-mouth is considered as the fastest and cheapest way to find accommodation in Rabat. If you have friends or family in Rabat, you could seek advice from them. If you know what neighbourhood you want to live in, you can try talking to shopkeepers and cafe waiters in the area to see if they know of any available apartments. Another good way to find a place is by checking social media group and post, mostly Facebook. You can also find flat-sharing offers for expats.

In Rabat, as in most metropolitan areas in Morocco, you will find many three-storey houses which you can rent for a relatively lower price than apartments, depending on the neighbourhood. In older neighbourhoods and in the medina you will come across many old type homes which you can rent for a lower price. You can also find safe neighborhoods and cheaper rent in Salé (12 km from downtown Rabat) in places like Bettana and Route de Meknes (Hay Salam), but be vigilant as most areas in Sale are not very safe.

Residential areas in Rabat

There are several neighbourhoods in Rabat that you might consider. Medina, Udayas and Hassan, located near the beaches, are known to be the historical part of the city. There you will find mostly independent houses and furnished apartments. In other areas like Diour Jamaa, and, you can find apartments and studios at more affordable prices. The most popular neighbourhoods, especially with expats, are Youssoufia, and Mabella. Hay Riad and Souissi are more expensive and consist mostly of villas. To the south, in Agdal, you will find modern housing, including apartments and individual houses that are more moderately priced. The areas to be avoided are Akkari and Takkadoum.

Rent prices in Rabat

In Rabat, you can choose between renting or buying a home. You can opt for studios or apartments, as well as villas, most of which are for sale. To rent a one-bedroom apartment in the Moroccan capital, you need an average of 2,800 dirhams per month. A three-room apartment should cost around MAD 3,500 to 4,500 per month. If you prefer to buy an apartment or a house with one room, you will need an average of MAD 300,000. Depending on the neighbourhood. The price of a house or a villa in Rabat amounts to about 2.5 million dirhams, or more depending on the number of rooms and level of comfort.

Lease procedures

Once you find rental housing in Rabat, it is necessary to negotiate the price with the landlord. The price doesn't include water and electricity bills. The rent contract is then drawn up and has to be notarized. The lease usually lasts for one year, so it has to be renewed. You will also have to pay a tax for the rent, which could be equivalent to a month's rent. The last part is to put the utility bills in your name. To do this, you fill out a form, which then has to be signed by the landlord, and present it to the utility company's local office (you can also pick up the form from their counter).

 Good to know:

In Rabat, the lease price is fixed during the first three years of the lease. Afterwards, the price can be raised by at least 10%. You will also have to pay a municipal tax which is equal to one month's rent each year. Note that your landlord is legally required to register your lease.

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