Seeking flatshare in Rabat (in the center)

Hi! My name is Guillaume i'm french and working in Rabat.. I planed to leave my flat at the end of May. I don't want to leave alone anymore so i'm looking for a flatshare. If someone has a vacancy or no a place, please let me know. I Speak french, english and a bit of spanish.

Hope to have some contacts soon..
e mail: [email protected]
tel: 0672358346


Hi Guillaume! You should also post in the Rabat classifieds > accommodation section.

Good luck!

Hello everyone,

I just wanna say i'm still lookin for a flatshare, so please feel free to contact me...


Hi Guillaume:

Please share your experience with us as I am still debating whether or not to move to Morocco/Rabat. Are you implying that it's depressing to live alone there, there is no social life. How fast could you integrate the Moroccan society.

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