Is it me or are the rent prices in Rabat crazy expensive?

I have moved from London to Rabat and am looking for a studio/1 bedroom but looking around the prices are like London and that is one of the reasons I left London! Apart from Rabat being the capital city, is there any other reasons why the prices are so high?!

According to the figures available quite readily on the internet for cost of living rents for a one bedroom apartment in the city center are listed at 5,214.42 MAD and outside the city center at 5,163.16 MAD. You can get all of the other cost of living information at

Didn't you do your homework before moving? Rent prices and cost of living are the first things that you should find out before considering to move anywhere, aren't they?

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Thanks for the message, yes I did do my homework, but I didn't realise that like London, to get a decent sized place to live, you have to pay nearly or over 100000Dh. Unfortunately My wages are below this amount, so prospective expats, beware!

Where in Rabat are you looking? When I go to Morocco I can find reasonably priced apartments (for Rabat) in Agdal and Hassan.

It's not about you or about the price it's about the place where you rent !!! There are some places like angdal  the price is  Very high please notice that the prices going down wherever u are farther from center of the city

Yes, I am looking in places further away from the popular areas. Thanks!

I will send you a site will help you in pm :) wish you luck


Joyce...have you considered Sale'? It's right across the river from Rabat and the rent there is cheaper I believe.

hi. No it is not you. Prices are terribly high.Morocco is becoming expensive. I think it's because Moroccans generally can't rent as their salaries are too low. When they get married they usually rent but at a much lower rate then for us foreigners!!! Frustrating. My son is looking to share  close to Rabat ville, so if you know of anything please contact me. My number is (Moderated: Please do not leave your phone number on the forum for security reasons) Lynn

I  live in casa, in a nice calm neighbourhood in a 100m neat apartment for 4300 dirhams a friend of mine just rented a 3 bedroom 150m near my residence for 3500. the area in next to the train station accessible to everywhere

Thank you for your message but I have found an apartment.

Thanks again and kind regards

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This changed since you came Rabat probably an apart in Agdal is 1500 euro per month rent and a house they already ask starting with 3000 euro per month and in Agdal if shop staff see you are foreigner ask double or triple price than normal

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Guess i need that link aswell :(

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Guess i need that link aswell :(

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this is expensive and so expensive !! may be they see that you are foreigner ?

price in agdal from 3000 Dh " 300 euro " till 7000 dh " 700 euro " per month its depend how much bigger

you can find better around rabat

if i can help, advice me, i will help you to find rent in rabat

If anyone need help in finding place, I can offer my help.

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I lived in Sale...2 bedroom furnished apt for 3500drm month in 2013. Close to the grocery store and in a closed 4 apt building complex

yes,always cheaper if you have a Moroccan friend look at apartments for you

Prices are really crazy in Rabat.I can buy a  big house+land here in Canada for less than an apt in Rabat

@ Zhara20 > If you are looking for an accommodation, please feel free to post your search in the Housing in Rabat section.

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I'm interested in looking for an affordable apartment in Rabat. Can you help me with that?

I'm looking for an affordable apartment in Rabat. Is that possible at all?

AminahE :

I'm looking for an affordable apartment in Rabat. Is that possible at all?

Look at the options in Temara / Temara Plage ... or Salé (maybe some place nearest the tramway)
Likewise, you can visit this website :

Do you Mundó shame it public? Could be useful for More than ONE... have a great day/night

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