Transports in Casablanca

Getting around Casablanca
Updated 2022-07-14 13:21

Moving around in Casablanca is a day-to-day challenge. However, the city has a fairly developed transportation network with buses, tramways, taxis, etc., that can take you anywhere. Have a look at the different options available.

Taking the bus in Casablanca

Public transportation - mainly bus services - are usually inefficient. This is due to a conflict between the leading operator (there are 2 to date) and the fact that the city is trying to make a replacement. Bus stops are not always visible on the roadside; the road markings are not easy to find or identify. Also, the buses do not indicate their destination/route. However, traveling by bus is relatively cheap, 3 Dhs per trip.

Besides these materialistic issues, you will be surprised by the conditions of buses due to poor maintenance and overloaded during peak hours (compelled by power purchase). Moreover, traveling by bus for women is not comfortable.

What are the alternatives for traveling around Casablanca?

The tramway

For those who can afford it (since they are easily accessible and they go near the existing lines), the tramway is a good option. With a single ticket costing 6dhs - 1dh for issuing the ticket) There are multiple possibilities and offers on rechargeable cards or with a weekly/monthly subscription. The monthly subscription costs 230 Dhs with an additional payment of 15 Dhs for the holder.

In general, the tramway works well, even if, at times, some drivers use the tramway rails as parking lots or waiting zones for crossing. Since there are only two operational lines in service (the 3rd one still under construction), to remain on the tramway's line from start to finish is a bit of great luck.


Another alternative is the cab. In Morocco, in general, and in Casablanca, you can differentiate between the big and small taxis. The large cabs serve the different neighborhoods and go on long distances, providing an inter-urban connection. Even though there has been a campaign for the renewal of vehicles, you can still come across old Mercedes from the 80s, and some of them might be in an ominous state.

Larger taxis, usually painted white, can take on board up to six passengers (two on the front passenger's seat and four at the back). If you wish to have a more comfortable trip, you can also buy additional seats. The fare is affordable, not more than 15 Dhs to go to Tamaris from Casablanca - at the Hay Hassani station - which is a bit far from the city center.

Small cabs usually take only a maximum of three passengers and remain within the urban perimeter of Casablanca. These taxis are usually painted red. The applicable fare is as indicated on the taxi meter. Consequently, make sure that those devices are being used during your trip. If it is not the case, then negotiate the price before starting.

Good to know:

If you're looking for a cab at certain spots like the exit of big hotels or stations, etc., it would be difficult to find a small taxi that will run its counter. Be careful as those tend to surcharge.

Uber operated shortly in Casablanca and finally left. However, you can find a taxi via the green taxis service or mobile applications like Careem and Heetch.


In Casablanca, two-wheelers are mostly used by deliverers and messengers. Transportation is still a complex issue in town since the traffic is dense, which makes the use of this type of vehicle quite dangerous. If you have been riding a bike in Europe before your arrival in Casablanca, don't expect the same scenario.

The Tuk-tuk

The Tuk-tuk is made up of a tiny front seat for the driver holding the handlebars and a rectangular rear seat that is similar to the rear of freight trucks with a size difference, and the roof is in plastic. Some drivers of Tuk-tuk do not use the plastic roof so that they can carry the most considerable amount of goods. However, when transporting people, they are forced to use it to avoid traffic police inspection because Moroccan law forbids transporting passengers in such unauthorized vehicles. The price for taking this means of transport is usually between 03 Dhs and 10 Dhs depending on your desired destination. 

Good to know:

Taking a Tuk-tuk may seem an easy and cheap way to get to your destination, yet it is advisable not to opt for it when you are alone. This is because Tuk-tuks usually go inside areas that are insecure in Casablanca.


Walking remains a theoretical solution. For various reasons, like the poor condition of pavements and the annoyance that women can suffer on the streets, this option is mostly for short distances.

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