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I have heard rumors that there is a new law in Morocco allowing you to import a new car from Europe and registrete it in Morocco without paying tax of it.
Has anyone heard about this too? Has anyone any experience in registreting foreign cars in Morocco?



Yeah only new and eroupean cars ! once i read it in newspaper but i don't know when it 'll start with that

"" Moroccans are now able to light since the March 2012 acquisition of the new European industrial materials manufactured in the countries of the European Union and Morocco to be entered without payment of customs duties, but while retaining the value added tax, which will continue in their performance on imported goods. This comes in the wake of the exemption entering the Free Trade Agreement with the European Union into the application and therefore the dismantling of tariffs, which will be under the framework of the partnership agreement concluded between the EU and Morocco abolition of import duties on manufactured articles in the new Europe ... While this will reduce fees for products imported from outside Europe for up to 5.17 per cent. The car bearing the new tourist sign (ww) in the forefront of imported products on the decision of the exemption, as well as domestic and industrial equipment and some new raw materials that rely on the national industry. As for the products used, including vehicles, they will remain subject to customs duties at the moment waiting for the coming negotiations aimed at the future promotion of a free trade area Morocco European Union through the activation of the advanced mode and the various conventions of a commercial nature, especially the Convention ratified by the European Parliament recently , and agreements on the liberalization of services under negotiation as well as a free trade agreement in-depth and comprehensive. If lower tariffs result in lower prices, this procedure a positive impact on people's purchasing power, which is already embodied in Morocco, where the oldest large number of distributors to lower prices of cars and make them equivalent to the European prices. In contrast, the view of some observers that this action would adversely affect the national economy, because the economy is not competitive yet reached the degree of industrial economy, but that would be a great catalyst to make it economical and industrially competitive at the same time."

There is indeed an agreement for cars purchased in the European Union and produced in the European Union. For these cars can be issued a so called EUR 1 document, which will allow you to import a car and not to have to pay the import duty.

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It is difficult to do.

No its not difficult, we offer it to our clients against no extra cost. Only the car must be produced within the EU.
Non EU brands like Hyundai, Honda, Toyota producing alos models in the EU for which the documents can be issued.

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