My name is Zahra.
I am British citizen who has has permanently moved to Marrakech now.
I am in search of a British English speaking teachers job in Marrakech. At schools, private learning centres or home tutoring etc.

Please do contact me if you need further information.
I am available to work full time in Marrakech as soon as possible.
Please do inbox me if you need further information.


Actually that's what I did. I found a job then moved but the job turned around and refused to keep me on. However said in the future they will let me know if any opportunities arise.
But i need a job ASAP.

So now I'm in search for a job again from the start but the difference is I'm already in marrakech now. Anyway all help would be appreciated from all if you know of anything.


Try the British Centre. However, I do believe that they need evidence of training in teaching English as a second language, that is, a good qualification from a recognised and registered school.

Hi Zahra;
I hope your  well . Here is few links of English Institutes in Marrakesh .
Gooooood luck!!
1 st :
2nd :
3 rd
For further request , do not hesitate to ask .


1 American Center
2 .American school
3 directEnglish insti

sizif :

Hard to find a job in marakech.The available jobs are already taken by other expats,try to see other cities ,like fes, meknes,tangier .

Unfortunately, the OP has said that she has moved "permanently", for whatever reason, to Marrakech. Thus the suggestion of moving to another town is moot.

There is clearly churn in the jobs market, which is not inconsiderable. I'm afraid that it is a hard slog to get yourself in at that right moment. In the meantime, this is a site you could be looking at:-- … de-culture

Good luck

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morocco homeschool :

a job as an teacher a position has become available at our homeschool

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Hi There,

Could you please tell me which subjects you can teach,

Thank you


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Greetings just writing to your message regarding vacancy opening of teaching English at British language school in Marrakech please let me know if your still available ? Thank you !

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It my pleasure but I live in agadir sorry

Greetings please can you send me your cv to
*** and your contact details then we can take from there !
Thank you

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