Student life In Marrakech

student life in Marrakesh
Updated 2022-07-10 14:57

Studying in Marrakech is like hitting one bird with two stones. On the one hand, you will benefit from low living costs. On the other side, you will have chances to explore the true charm of its nature in addition to learning about Moroccan culture and the quality of education provided by the local universities.

Student accommodation in Marrakech

There are three types of rental housing in Marrakech for students, namely studios, apartments and university residences. A student can rent a studio for about 1000 Dhs a month. A non-equipped apartment for rent would cost about 1500 Dhs in the old town of Marrakech and about 3000 Dhs per month in the new areas. An equipped apartment in the old areas costs around 2500 Dhs, and in the new areas, it costs around 4000 Dhs a month. Students have the option of flat-sharing to split up the costs with their flatmates. Other than that, you can stay on the public university's campus, which demands about 500 Dhs a month or even less.

The cost of living for international students in Marrakech


In Morocco, food is very cheap compared to European, American and Asian countries. For one person, 1500 Dhs is enough to spend a month with. Inside the campus, you can have lunch for only 15 Dhs. Outside the campus, a Tagine, for example, costs 25 Dhs. Still, many students prefer to cook for themselves. It helps them to save money and to have large portions of meals.


In Marrakech, there are two types of health services: public and private. Public health services are free of charge, unlike private health services. A visit to a doctor at a private hospital or office would cost you between 120 Dhs and 300 Dhs. It is crucial to note that all university campuses in Morocco contain offices that offer free health services to students.

Getting around Marrakech

Several means of transportation are always available in Marrakech, according to people's needs. Students may choose between small and big taxis and buses to get around the city. A small taxi is an excellent choice if you are in a hurry. A big taxi is another safe and cost-effective way to travel around. Buses, however, even though they are cheap, are not totally safe for foreigners. If you are living in another city, the train is the best way to get to Marrakech.

Leisure activities for international students in Marrakech

Marrakech is home to beautiful places and views such as Koutoubia Mosque, Majorelle garden, Ourika Valley, and many others. Besides, student associations inside universities plan leisure activities such as student parties, excursions outside the city, quad biking, movie nights, etc. In addition, some clubs offer sports activities like football, basketball, handball, swimming pool, ping-pong, and other activities. Still, there are membership fees, but you can benefit from student discounts. For example, the Urban Fit'Club in Hivernage offers annual registration for only 8000 Dhs.

Extra-curricular activities for international students in Marrakech

Other than leisure activities, students engage in a number of activities that are not part of their academic curriculum. Such extra-curricular activities may be of various kinds: conferences, sports competitions, in-house clubs, voluntary work in local associations, political action, etc. Although these activities are not obligatory, university students may opt to participate in and contribute during their free time to develop their personality and learn new skills.

Student's Residency Permit in Morocco

Once you have completed your registration and accommodation formalities, you will have to apply for your Moroccan residency permit at the foreigners' service of the National Security. The following documents need to be produced:

  • A document showing your registration to university/school
  • A grant certificate (in case you got one)
  • Your lease contract
  • A copy of your passport with the last date of entry
  • 8 identity photos
  • Stamp
  • A duly filled and signed administrative form

Internships and employment in Marrakech

In Marrakech, several sectors regularly recruit international students. With more than one million visitors annually, this city has a dynamic tourism sector that needs human resources. You will find that Riads, hotels and restaurants are often looking for foreign trainees.

Trade is the second most active field in Marrakech. Besides, this city is full of shops where local crafts are handmade. It will be easy for you to find an internship offer that can help you develop your professional skills. Other than that, you can apply to industries/factories which are located in Al Massar and Sidi Ghanem areas. Finally, call centers have so many part-time and full-time job offers for those who have no experience. The lowest salary at a call center is 3500 Dhs. Consider having a look at's Jobs in Marrakech section.

Social and professional networking in Marrakech

Today, being present on social networks has become a necessity. As an international student and a potential trainee in Marrakech, you are advised to have a professional profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadéo, etc. It can help in terms of 'personal branding', representing you whenever you get in touch with a potential employer online. Therefore, it should include all the correct information about you. It should also be different from other profiles in terms of layout and/or information.

Aside from that, universities, schools, cafes and restaurants in Marrakech offer free Wi-Fi. You can use it anytime to get into contact with your friends and family and for online research and job applications.

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