Meeting people in Casablanca

Developing your social circle  in Casablanca
Updated 2022-07-13 12:58

Casablanca is a big city, and it might look scary due to its size and its wide population range. One of the (many) paradoxes of this city is that there are many residential areas, some of which are elitist and others that are defined as working-class neighborhoods. On the other hand, there are also slums in the heart of the chic districts, which are surrounded by villas with gardens. Amidst all this, adapting to Moroccan society as an expat can look tricky at first, especially if you don't know anyone yet.

Developing your social network in Casablanca means, first of all, succeeding in defining your social status. From the billionaire to the poor man who gets away with a piece of bread and a glass of tea a day, there is everything in Casablanca, for better or for worse. In short, Casablanca is a city of extremes.

How to build your social circle in Casablanca

First of all, don't let yourself be fooled by words. In Casablanca, like anywhere else in Morocco, you can very quickly become someone's brother, sister or friend, even if you have known each other for about 30 seconds, so be careful! Else, there are many ways to make new friends in this city.


You are advised to register on consular lists (or equivalent, depending on your country of origin) on your arrival, so you can start by checking if there are any national associations that can show you around the city and help you integrate an existing network.

International schools

Moving to Casablanca with your kids? International schools can be an excellent way to meet people, especially in Morocco. Enrolling children in a particular school is a social marker. In a country where the minimum wage is now 2828 Dhs, enrolling in an international school will cost about 20,000 Dhs to 20,500 Dhs per year (excluding extra costs, just for schooling). For Moroccan children, the price is double. It's also worth noting that family income is a common selection criterion.

Sports clubs

Sports clubs are another good way to build your social circle. Here also, selection depends on income. For example, the CAC is a leisure club (sports and other activities) with co-opted registrations in addition to entrance fees.

Other means

Whether you are the religious type, or you like sports, you have children, or you're a solo expat in Casablanca, there is something for everyone. There are events and meetups going on all year round in Casablanca, besides the trendy bars, cafes, restaurants, etc., where socializing is quite easy. Social media is another essential tool for finding people with similar interests as you.

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