Mahr in Morocco or Dowry in Morocco

Hello everybody,

I want to marry a Moroccan woman.  I really don't know the Moroccan culture so I'm asking your help about the amount of Mahr and what else, I can give her as gifts.

I asked her, but she didn't want to answer I think that she's shy to speak or to ask anything from me.
I really  don't want to make things wrong and all i want is to make her happy. 

I did my research and I founded that the minimum Mahr is $1,500 and that I must buy her a ring, some jewelry and gifts (Moroccan dresses, shoes, bag... ) but I don't know if its enough or I must give other things.

Because of Corona I will travel to Morocco once to get married so I need to buy all her gifts from here.
I was thinking about a Valentino shoe a Louis Vuitton bag,  giving her $3,000 dowry and to buy her a ring and about $5,000 Jewelry. Can anyone tell me if is enough, or I must add something else?

Thanks for your help.

Hi mister, Jonaslo

First of all congratulation hopes you both all the best. For your question I think that you have all the informations about what you need to give her as gifts and the number of dowries and jewelry. Just for your information you must take with you flower bouquet, chocolate and some pastries when you go to see her families the first time.

If you want any help or you have any question, you are the must welcome.
Good luck.


Hi Leilab,

thanks for your answer. I just want to know if the dot and jewellery are enough or not please.


Yeah this is enough but you can ask her what she thinks exactly.  :)

That exceeds the Islamic requisite mahr many times over.

Hello Jonaslo!

Congratulations 🎊 wish you happiness and long life together. She must be a good person wheb she didn't negotiate  the dowry and too shy to open up the subject to you. Best of luck together.

Well of course the dowry it depends on your financial budget. It's  personal to discuss it with others do what you feel it's right for both of you.

Concerning gifts, In Morocco we offer White Bridal Caftan you can find it at any traditional store in Morocco once you come. Also a high heel sparkling shoes it sounds funny but it does fit the Caftan length perfectly. A nice bridal purse or bag as she wish also a golden ring. In Morocco we use yellow gold you can check with your fiance what she love more yellow or white gold.

In Moroccan culture bride and groom to together to choose the ring. Cuz simply it means the begging the want to set up and agree on together.

We also bug cake 🎂 and sweets, dates with almond and flowers .

Good luck again

The amount is  up to you and written down and signed by the witness and the adoul and your self
Its purely for the marriage agreement but appears nowadays a tickbox
I didnt buy lots of gifts etc as its not necessary she will wish a cwremony with friends and family but this can be done in the home done to restrictions
If she loves you she needs nothing except her husband or her family
Just a good man
. By gifts that may help her and the family in maroc would be better
Much more meaningful generosity

There is no amount expected from my recent marriage to maroc women


Get to know her well first, and resolve this together. Save your money for essentials, not jewelry. We are still in the midst of a pandemic, remember? It sounds like you already have a communication problem and haven't really spent enough time living in Morocco.

I just read your post.
I think the dowry of $3,000 is way more than expected.
I think half is ok, but to be honest, it relates to
a, your financial status
b, her financial background (what she is used to)
with regards to buying western clothes, shoes, handbags, I'd be careful. If she is very traditional and shy,  this might not be her taste.
You will most likely not be going to Morocco until May, June as borders are closed or restricted and its Ramadan from 14.5.... try to find out what she likes and then buy clothing (wedding dress), shoes, ring, bag in Morocco..and sweets and gifts for the family..not everyone appreciates Western taste..I found out

Good luck! :-)