Mixed Marriage - British/Moroccan

Good Evening.

i am looking to marry my fiancee whom is a Moroccan citizen. I am British.

it is 5 weeks until I travel back to Morocco, so I am in the process of obtaining my documents.

so far I have;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Letter of employment and wage slips
  • 8 passport photos
  • ACRO Criminal Record Check
  • Moroccan Criminal Record Check


• British Embassy Appointment - booked for when I come back to Morocco

i then know that I need to go rabat to show them my embassy documentation, get it stamped.

whilst I am there I plan to collect my criminal record check.

I am wondering if I am missing anything?

i am also wondering what documents need to be translated?

Do they need translating into arabic, or will french be okay?

I plan to try email the documents that need translating before I go. Then it is a case of showing the originals and collecting the translated copies to save time.

@laurencej96 hi all documents not in Arabic must be translated

Do any of the british documents such as birth certificate and police record need to be appostled?

@Vakil one of the translators in Marrakesh is suggesting the Morrocan criminal record check is accepted in French these days? Sabir the translator


You dont need to show or translate your wage slip,  you just have to make sure that your letter of employment states the salary,

that what i did in jan 2 months ago.

Also you need to translate your birth certificate, Acro or DBS anyone is fine, and employment letter, you should scan them

and send them to the translator and pick them up when you get there.


thank you. Did you need to get any document appostle?

@laurencej96 The local court approved translator has said the Moroccan criminal record is accepted in French. So mixed messages.  But you have all the documents required. I am there in a few days so I can confirm any changes to complete my own paperwork so I can confirm with you.

@london185 This is what I have done. Certificate of residency do we really need this from the UK? I hear this is not required anyway of you are a British citizen


No i did not get any document appostle, when you go to the British embassy they will

do that when they give you the 2 documents they will be appostle.

When  i got my criminal record was in french did not need to translate it

but i did have to translate the 2 documents you get from the British embassy into Arabic, as soon as i got that i send it via email

for him to translate got that the next day.

Certificate of residency never got that, did not need that, to be honest, you do not need many documents

its more your spouse that will need a lot of documents. even one that says she is not pregnant has to go

to the lab to get a blood sample then get a document then go doctor to get another document to confirm it

strange but that is what you have to do.

The only documents i had to take with me to Morroco from the uk was

Birth certificate

Letter of employment


The rest of the documents got that in Morroco, its not that hard the process

can be done in a week, just the thing that takes long is the police check

when you hand in all your documents.

@london185 That's great.  I have done all this and already sent documents to the translator to have ready before I arrive. They requested to bring the originals down on Monday. And soon as I have the documents from the British consulate on Tuesday morning.  They want this ASAP before I leave to go to Agadir to legalise those two documents.  I am aiming to have all documents completed by Wednesday including legalising the photocopies locally in Marrakech. When submitting the documents at the courts etc and the police interview, checks etc us there anyway of speeding things up? Adoul or anybody else. I leave on the 21st March in the evening.  Do I have to be present if everything is completed and its just waiting for an answer? Thanks for your advice.


You have to bring the original documents before they can give you the translated documents, they just need to confirm that, i had my appointment on a Tuesday as well with the British consulate,

you know if you are already in rabat, you should just legalise it there, only takes like 30 min maybe less depending on the line, but goes quickly, they only stamp and sign the documents, that you got

for the British consulate

once you submitted everything, you don't have to wait for the reply,  i only had a week holiday, and i submitted it, but had to wait as they had a public holiday and the court was not open one

day. but we submitted it on Friday morning, then i left and came back one week later, and it was done, just need to come back to sign the marriage document just stayed a day, then when I went back again

it was done that was another week but you don't need to come back they just give the marriage certification to my wife

@zahidiqbal81 I also got married in Agadir a couple of months ago,

Once I handed the documents to the police,  I returned to the UK for a week, then I returned back to Agadir, had a final appointment with the judge who asked the amount of dowry ect then he gave the permission letter to get married, then went straight to the adoul and got married that same day

@london185 Yes, my appointment is Marrakech, then i travel to Agadir. I am hoping I can complete it all and get the answer. I aim to return in the first week of May after Ramadan. If I need to extend my stay by 3 days in March, i can do this rather than returning a week later.

@london185 you mentioned legalising and getting the 2 documents stamped which you receive from the British Consulate, where do you get legalized and stamped please? Is it Foreign Ministry of affairs Rabat? And is there a cost and time frame for this?

I have my appointment tomorrow at the British consulate

So to confirm I need the following translated into arabic;

  • UK birth certificate
  • Letter of employment
  • UK Criminal Record
  • 2 documents from British Embassy (they can do these in french- do they accept french or insist on it being in arabic?)

Have i missed any?


yes you go there, just turn up. I think there is a small fee of 20 MAD


very helpful n clear simple the way you wrote what's required. Otherwise I am constantly making list n changing my list of what is needed.

i am British woman going to marry Moroccan guy. Do I need religion certificate to show I am Muslim?

also you said no need to apostle any documents in Uk.

thanks in adv


did you already have the interview at the police ? I was wondering what they ask?

my partner is in police himself n he keep telling they will need more documents all about my parents n grandparents if he had to go through his department. Since this will delay more already we waiting since Covid.

do you think we should just follow normal procedure n go police interview might be quicker than notifying his department !!


Are you a British Muslim, Do you have a Muslim name, if not and you have reverted to Islam then you would have to take the certificate that you got when you, that would need to be translated, if you were born Muslim then no need, just by your name they will know, like me, i am British born Muslim

Yes correct, i did not need to apostle any documents, was quite simple

Birth certification, 1 page

basic DBS, 2 pages

HR letter, 1 page with salary and how long i started

then make the appointment and don't be late like I was lol my wife's fault, but I found out you can save time by actually doing the application and paying for it before you go to the appointment, then will be quick for you to get the British embassy papers, as we was late for the appointment, they told us to go on the website, and fill in the application, did that and paid for it, once that was done, they said they will see us, only was like 10 min they just told me to sign the paper and you get two of them


In regards to the police interview, was not too long, they did not ask too many questions, they just asked me about what I do, where I studied before, what school i went to, that was it really, they asked my wife as well, we were in about 20 min, but it depends on the person you get some people say they ask a lot, but for me personally, my wife said they did not ask much, as my wife cousin knows someone in the police, but he just gave the file to someone who interview us, but my wife did not him.

But i think you should just follow the normal process and just go and do the interview will not be as hard as people are making it out to be, inshallah it will be easy, for you, they did ask my wife in the police interview, that how comes she did not have a doctor note saying she is not pregnant, so we had to do that, and also then we had to go to the laboratory so my wife can take a blood sample, then we had them 2 extra paperwork, we then went back but as it was Friday they closed, so we went on Sat, so best get that just in case, it's not expensive just as you are a female they might ask


Can anyone help me with the below.

HR letter, 1 page with salary and how long i started

I have a letter of employment that states I joined in May 2022. It has everything about the job and salary. Although my salary has changed. It has gone up. Does this matter?

And does it need to say how long i have been working there or is it ok from May 2022 from now?



@mohammedalimahmood24 Please see below the draft

Dear Mahmood24,

I am writing to formally confirm the details of your salary for the position of [Job Title] at [Company Name], effective from [Start Date]. We are delighted to have you on our team and are confident that your contributions will be invaluable to the company's success.

Salary Details:

- Position: [Job Title]

- Salary: [Annual Salary]

- Payment Frequency: [Monthly, Biweekly, etc.]

- Payroll Start Date: [Start Date]

Your compensation package includes the following components:

1. Basic Salary: This is your fixed monthly or annual base salary,

2. Additional Benefits: You are entitled to additional benefits, including but not limited to [List any benefits such as health insurance, retirement contributions,

3. Deductions: Applicable taxes, insurance premiums, and any other statutory deductions will be made in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Please note that your salary will be reviewed periodically, and adjustments may be made based on your performance and market conditions. We believe in recognizing and rewarding the contributions of our employees fairly.

If you have any questions or need further clarification regarding your salary, benefits, or any other aspect of your employment, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Human Resources department.

We are excited to have you as part of our team, and we look forward to a mutually beneficial and successful working relationship.

I already have all this in the contract, but does it matter that it is dated May 2022?

My bad, it should be 30 days

@mohammedalimahmood24 it sounds good the only thing that they pay attention to is the issue date. make sure the date it was issued is less than 3 months. i hope that this helps.

Hi guys, i have a quick question. i applied for my acro in December.so it is dated for then but have embassy appointment on the 1st august. Would i need to get a new ACRO done or would the original one dated for December be ok?

@anum1 you need to get a new one. All documents have to be dated within three months

@anum1 hi, acro is only valid for 3 months so you'll need a new one.

How long does it take to get married after u summit the papers

@Xxscotlssxx trying to figure out the same...going in a few weeks and I have maybe 13 days to pull it off and get married

@chapmotiv22 they are not the fastest people what dates are you going


Don't quote me on this but probably 3 weeks, maybe less depending on how quickly you can get the police interview which is the part that takes the longest.

We've hired a lawyer to help speed the process up. I have heard of people getting it done in 10 days.

Good luck with everything.

@mcglen262 oh really ive been over already for over a week and the changed the appoiment at the british embassey so put us behind everything is ready to be summited to the court on the monday morning as i arrive on the sat

@mcglen262 we have a lawyer. He said he can get it done quickly, I hope he can. We'll marry in Fez

@Xxscotlssxx i'll be there 26-11 May. The big problem is my certificate of singleness appointment is on 29 April, it was full. Last document I need

Why was your appointment changed?  Did they give a reason?

I fly in on the 17th April and my appointment is on the 18th so I won't be happy if they change my appointment.

@chapmotiv22 im back end of april i have everything in place just needs to go to court and police interview

@mcglen262 my appt wasnt changed it was just the only day that was available at the American consulate

@Xxscotlssxx cool! good luck to you, this countries whole process sucks lol