Marrying a moroccan girl


I am talking to a Moroccan girl from last one year almost. Now I am going to meet her.

I know that she has given me a lot of time and never asked for anything. She has introduced me to her family on video and she says that lets meet atleast once before we marry. However I don't know whether I am doing right or wrong. I am going to morocco to meet her. I am confised...Please advise should I go or not...

Why dont you Come n see for yourself, if nothing atleast u will hve great holidays i am sure. Is there anything stopping you? I am sure you didnt ask anyone when you starting to talk to her why the worry now? Good luck.

Yes go and meet her and her family. I found the Moroccan women our very family oriented and make good wives and bring up the children well. Pray istikara. You have been talking for a long time now so it's not good to drag out your decisions to marry. I met my wife for first time in 2012, I went to Morrocco from uk with all the paper work and completed the marriage whilst there. Any questions please ask and be aware this site has a lot of people who like to talk bad about Moroccan women and marriage. You shouldn't make your decisions on someone's bad or good experience!

Thanks buddy..!!

Goldkhalifa, thanks for the information. I liked the word you used "Pray istikara", seriously that is the best way to find a proper match! :)

I think you should meet her first

Assalamu alykum akhi, wanted some advice regarding marrying a women in morocco. جزاك الله خير

i judge Moroccan ladies as excellent.... they are so sweet and caring. No matter what anyone might have heard about them, it's nothing but flower of lies and devil's dandruff !

I am also going to marry with my moroccan life partner. She will come in Pakistan and we will get marry InshaALLAH.

Hi How did u meet her I also like to marry a Morocco girl I am Catholic person is it possible to marry?

flickERRR :

Hi How did u meet her I also like to marry a Morocco girl I am Catholic person is it possible to marry?

You can't marry a Muslim woman if you are Catholic

Oh so sad, religion is doesn't matter to me.

There are few Christians and Jews in Morocco. Chirsitians were estimated to be around 25,000 whereas Jews to be  2,500. You may try your luck because 99.9% of the population are Muslims and it's quite difficult to break the jinx of marrying a Moroccan Muslim woman. But nothing is impossible - either you convert or she converts or you find someone that shares the same faith with you.

Thanks your reply :)

Mixed marriage (marriage between non-Moroccan and Moroccan) is a drawn out procedure in Morrocco where you need approval from the police and family court. It's against Moroccan law for a non-Muslim man to marry a Moroccan Muslim woman. It would be difficult to get around this and so called converting to get married is not likely to work as the police will question the man about his religion. Muslim woman can't marry non-Muslim men , it's not a valid marriage in Islam. Maybe have a good look into Islam and see what you find

Oh sure bro thank you for ur suggestion :)

i hope you will find all you wish when you meet your Moroccan girl....i guess meeting her is important step to get much knowledge and to be able to find how much common things you both got.....but i guess you will like Morocco so much because it is one of a good rich culture so i'm sure you will find always the best to get a Moroccan wife .

Salams Brother,

I am planning to Marry morocco National. Plesse advice me if I need following documents.

1) Certificate of no impediment
2) Crimal record do I have to get from Agro?
3) How to get Documents from Embassy in Rabat?

Please advice me.


If religion does not matter to you then if you get to know a woman of another religion, you should consider converting. There are people in Malaysia who converted from other religions to Islam because found their husband or wife who is a Muslim.

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