How to Divorce from Usa a Moroccan citizen

Hello, I met *** from Fes in December 2020 on a date site as friends we started talking texting until I fell in love and him as well he started to propose engagement to formalize our relationship so I planned to travel in a year. I met him in October and we got engaged I met his family and friends. I was very happy because he made true all what we planned the whole time , in the time we talked over the phone I did researched in his fb account a lot if his girl friends all said he was a good guy not drink not smoke and peaceful. But I had always doubts and a bad feeling about him betraying. After we engaged he started to change and got colder, so I told him is better to stop the relationship things were not working out , I was very susceptible my mom got sick with cancer so I got attached to him very much . We started to plan marriage I traveled this year in March his mom got sick with same cancer as mine I took her to the Dr gave her money for it and helped the whole family buying food and meds for her. They had to do surgery for her so we were going to postpone the plans for marriage and he said no. So we continued doing all process. And finally got married a Notary That we met in court did it same day they approved all the documents. I had to come back as an emergency my mom surgery got complicated so I ended staying in Morocco only 2 months. After my return to America in a week after his mom died and he got into a deep depression and started to change getting too loud and mad, asking when I was going to turn immigration papers for him! He stopped calling texting and put distance drastically,making excuses and saying he is tired I am too jealous and he started to do all he wanted. Now we don't talk or text he put distance . So I started to investigate date accounts a d I founded him on same site but different name. 2 different Profiles. And he deleted all pictures of engagement on all his social media accounts. Re opened s new fb account for him. But what shocked me is found out he talks about sex on cupid international with his new victims. Now he made it obvious to me he talks openly to other woman. Send me the conversations with them. I want to finish this nightmare we are not a marriage in my face he talks to other woman. All I want now is end this asap

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The marriage is recognized in the USA. You can go to a family court divorce (without children). You can also stop his immigration papers (if necessary) by reporting him to USCIS and NVC. Get a divorce lawyer (shop around). Free consultations are given for 30 mins.

Go to Morocco & file for your divorce. You can not do it from here.

Good luck

We are sorry to hear that , some people don't respect marriage relationship but you get the true about him before having kids and go deeply years .

Anyway you need to come to morocco to file the divorce case and get a lawyer that will follow the process of divorce and then you can let the lawyer present you here until he call you to come .

@Maria Valladarez I am so sorry to hear that! He is such unthankful boy…. What a shame!!! Well you can submit divorce file through Moroccan embassy in US hiring a lawyer of course you need also to charge him in court betraying case as long you have all the proof. Good luck

@E Abreu I called the Moroccan Condulate they said the Divorce need to be filed in Morocco. I don't know if my marriage is valid in America.

@Maria Valladarez If you went to your American embassy after your marriage here to legalise it there, then it's recognised in the States as well. You could get the divorce probably done there.

If not, you have to come over here and you will not have much problems of a quick divorce, since you have proof that he talks to other women after getting married to you.

I wouldn't even tell him that you're coming, just fly over, go to court and file for divorce.

@Maria Valladarez

@Maria Valladarez

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No matter where you married, the marriage  is recognized in the US. File for divorce at your local court house. There's no need to travel to Morocco or contact the Morocco Consulate.

Some tell you to go to Morocco and file there because that benefits the Moroccan. Since US divorce is not recognized in Morocco, they can't remarry and may not have access to the US divorce decree. Also, Morocco requires meditation so they hope to convince you from withdrawing the petition. Just file in the US.

Are you sure you are actually legally married? Generally to get married in morocco takes 2-4 weeks and includes mandatory police interview, traveling to Rabat, traveling to local courthouse, transportation of documents, Apostille, etc etc., a sign off by a judge and finally a meeting with the Abdul.   you said you were married in 1 day. This seems next to impossible.

@Maria Valladarez  story sounds so familiar to someone I know if you don't mind me asking what kind of cancer did his mom have ?

I hear this story time and time again.  One don't go back to Morocco you don't need to do that it will cost a fortune in time and money and you will heavily out of pocket.  You don't need to do anything in US either as unless you register there they will not know about marriage.  It is only if you were looking at visas etc that consulates talk to each other.  Personally I would just delete him from your life and move on. 

@Maria Valladarez good luck Maria and let us know how you get on

Hello Maria. Dont feel bad . You are a great Human ,and sorry you met a Jerk.

The short answer is . If you have not recorded the Marriage In Fes .maybe your Marriage is still a piece of Paper somewhere . And it takes 90 Days for Moroccan Marriages to show after registery.

2- if you have no plan to go back to Morocco and marry again . Let it go . The idiot will have no ways to fly passed Tangier . However ,i strongly suggest get a local atrorney where the marriage took place and hire him or her to cancel the Marriage . And it should cost you around $700.00 on average after its all done. Our beautiful Consulate in NY have zero authorities over it . And as far as the USA is concerned . You are still very still Single like me .:)

Last be very thankful to Allah.Jesus or your Gutts. This guy was going to get his Green Card .and one day you come home and the looser wiñl be gone.

  Instead look it as a Blessing. This guy was going to Cost after all done with you and his great Card about $30.0000.00 in the course of 3 years . SAVE and invest that amout in a good mutual Funds and in 20 years wiñl be worth $ 487.0000. 00 will help you Enjoy great retirement .  I feel you gal.:(

I know few lawyer up north. And if you really need help resolve this. I can connect you with some. I am in Arizona and be leaving in couple months. Happy to help a fellow Anerican .

@jasmine101 she had a tumor in her cervix and stomach they ended doing a ostomica bag.

@Guest8274 thanks so much he filed for divorce in Morocco already in September and my court date is March but I will not travel

@Guest8274 Thanks dear . He filed for divorce last year in September and my divorce hearing is in March

@glennpr Thanks for your support and care thanks to God he filed and paid all fees now waiting for a divorce finally and hope he pays what he is supposed to 🙏

@Maria Valladarez wow atleast his the one who filed it

@delacruzllanie66 yes I don't know much of Morocco laws but I hope he gets penalized from a fraudulent marriage

maam im also in a relationship with a moroccan right now . im 10 years older than me..i have concern about this issue of moroccan men who used foreigbers just for vusa or money...

Yeah, I'm 10 years older as well. Just returned from visiting their family. I hope they are not scammers because his mom is one of the sweetest people I've met and I lost my mom to cancer young so it was nice to receive that kind of love. His dad was really nice to me as well as his younger sister. They were sweet and purchased me some clothes and they took me to a salon. His mom always was kissing on me. they gave me a lot of gifts which I was not expecting. I even stayed in their home during my 2 week stay.  I come from a close knit family in the US and my family originally came over on visa's from South America/West Indies so I understand but my grandmother came when it was easier. I was born in the states. We'll see how this plays out but I hate feeling the worse of them when they've been so generous to me.

@delacruzllanie66 ask me dear in my inbox

@Lysa Drew

mam from were you meet him in morocco

@Lysa Drew sometimes theykeep you hooked as Long as benefits them

@Lysa Drew just be careful...if you feel its true then better but give always a doubt just to protect aware

@Maria Valladarez You should get in contact with US Embassy and Consulate in Morocco to let them know about fraudulent marriage just to get a Visa or immigration papers filed after divorce is finalized. That way he would have less of a chance of getting Visa to USA. At least, that will put him in question if he tries again with someone else. I'm assuming what you're saying is true.

@Maria Valladarez Maria you should focus on yourself first and feel self-love. When you feel stronger move to action. Divorce, contacting immigration etc.........I do feel this experience changed your life. Sending you love love. xxxx

@Er82 thanks 🙏

I'm so sorry.

Just so you don't feel too bad, I'm australian and married my ex husband in England, he was born in England to moroccan parents.

We moved to Morocco in 2014.

I have 7 kids...

Long story short, after the birth of my 4th baby at 31 weeks in marrakech, I suffered the responsibility of my children and costs etc.

I tried to get divorced from him but he was very abusive and threatening to report me as a non Muslim and he would take my kids, harm my kids etc.

Long story short I finally built up the courage after he would force himself on me sexually leading to 3 more babies being born that I was not wanting to have.

I fought for my right to divorce which was horrible. I called police so many times while 4 to 5 months pregnant for domestic abuse but they did nothing!

They said I must go to court.

My ex wouldn't let me leave the house without him, he would lock me inside with th3 kids.

Anyway, finally I got divorced in 2021.


I'm a Muslim, I'm a practicing Muslim and unfortunately the law here is persuaded by culture, bribes and women have legal rights but aren't given them.

Men have the ultimate power.

He is now living in England and I have been trying to register ny kids and make the papers to get their British passports to leave since 2021.

I'm still stuck in the midst of all of this.

He submitted a lawsuit in Morocco with a bunch of emails between myself and a man I worked with, in English, to the court. He tried to claim its cheating.

He never returned to translate them and hasn't seen his kids in almost a year. He has visited them less than 5 times since we separated in 2020.

The case he put against me is for prostitution and marital infidelity.

None of this is proven in paperwork and the court shouldn't receive submissions that aren't translated !

Nome the less the case is pending after over a year of no action or co operation from him!

While I struggle with 7 children, no legal rights, no embassy help and my 4th baby has health conditions and a PDA.

I'm sorry but it seems like scams and carelessness runs in the DNA of Moroccans

I can't wait to leave here and never return!

I can only pray my children don't end up like this.

I see it alot, living here almost 10 years. The cases are more frequent and more disgusting.

I just think people shouldn't marry from other countries unless they have common laws, language and culture.

@aishahm how did you end up having seven kids. after being abused I would not like to see a man again.

The abuse wasn't physical until he forced himself on me after my 4th baby and I ended up pregnant with my 5th from that occasion.

Abortion is illegal in Morocco!

The law is all for the man! Women are nothing but potatoes, even though I'm asutralian!

So yeh, I would love to say more but until I leave morocco unfor

For context my last 3 kids born

March 2017

April 2019

November 2020

I left him legally after attending a court hearing while 5 months pregnant with ny last.

He thought I'm just a baby making machine.

I only got to see a Dr while pregnant and that was accompanied by him!

@aishahm Thanks for sharing your story,is terrible sad what you are going through 🥹 My ex threatened me that he was going to kill himself if I don't marry him I tried to go back home to Casablanca and he locked me inside his house,his sisters and mom did nothing it was just like nothing happened. I ended marring him because his mother was terrible sick with cancer and she begged me to give him the chance and I really was so in love with him but I regret so much. Well now I am in America 🇺🇸 thanks to God and I realized so many red flags that I didn't finish his process of immigration and he ended filing the divorce is almost a year of wait and I hope I get my rights I  have my court audience in March.

I'm sorry, it is a very toxic world out there, especially when people won't respect eachother.

I pray you find peace and love ❤️

@Maria Valladarez It's valid in America if you are an American citizen. The USA honors Moroccan marriages and can be terminated or validated here. Even divorce could be processed in the states.

Fraudulent marriage goes both ways. I'm male and was scammed by a girl in Meknes.