Moroccan marriage fraud

Hello, I met a Moroccan tour guide 10 years ago while on vacation there , We fell deeply  in love (or so it seemed )  We were both married at the time , so this came as quite an unexpected shock.I was in an unhappy marriage but had a son and just figured that was my life. I had emotionally  just shut down. I was 10 years older than  this guide ( but I looked quite  good )  and  20 years older than his his wife. He had 3 children ,one was a still a  baby . But , we kept in touch via phone apps and finally met in Turkey and then I would return alone to see him many times . It became quite serious and I divorced my husband as I felt shame to cheat. But , there were bad signs from the start, he talked a bout his wife  alot and I saw he had stolen my Chanel perfume ( in his bag) from a hotel room we shared. When we were together he told her he was working and called her 2 times a day,. Early on, he asked for a loan , a new car, a van for tourists, which I bought . Then he asked if he could take his wife and kids on vacation in the buisiness van,!!!  I bought an apt. over there and he convinced me to put it in his name( temporarily,he said ) because I didnt understand the language and couldnt understand about problems and tenant meetings . He refuses to give it back.  He began to badger me about being his second wife , saying she would not divorce with him, I said no of crs.  Long story short eventually,he did divorce her and we were married ,  We lived in the USA, but 2x a year he would go back and supposedly stay in my  apartment over there   and spend time with his kids . But EVERY time he would not answer my text or calls for weeks at a time and then accuse me of being a cheater and a prostitute . then silence . I always had an uneasy feeling  he was still with  his wife. This year he got his US citizenship and quickly went back  to Morocco . He  sent one text saying he was so  sick and then while I was frantically trying to find out if he was laying some where with covid he blocked me. from text messge apps and never  answered my calls .   He did not return after 2 1/2 months as he said but stayed over there for 6 months !!!!!!! Not talking to me at all except to threaten and degrade me with crazy texts in the middle of the night 
I then  I found out that while I thought he was  so sick  he had actually  taken his exwife and kids on  a beach vacation  for 2 weeks . Living in the same house together.( which  he totally denies.) I have filed for divorce but Im shattered and heartbroken. Would people on this thread agree that he used me for money and Citizenship? He was an amazing husband when he was here in the US but changed completely and shut me out every time he went back. My friends think his divorce papers are  FAKE and Im  trying to find out if they are.  Then I could have the marriage annulled . I dont know how to do it .  My housekeeper said he told her he had a plan to bring his wife and kids here to the USA as soon as he had enough money ...  She doesnt speak perfect english and I wonder if its a mistake on her understanding  ? I changed the locks on my house but now he is in the US , he keeps badgering me to see him one last time. I think he wants to manipulate me into taking him back as he lived with me  5 years and never spent a dime , so he can finish his plan of bringing his family. Its just so hard to believe this man I loved would do this to another human . Thoughts please ? Especially from Moroccan residents and citizens?

The story is not completed !

sister wow the good advise are to stop this relationship because it's dead before the birthday

save your mind your time and your money and first of all protect your heart from the shocks

Omg I'm sorry this happened to you. Yes it seems like he used you, I'm sorry. As you said there were signs. I am currently going through something similar. My husband arrived in Canada in May, we had a baby in June, then all of a sudden he literally wakes up one day and says he doesn't have any feelings for me. I asked him what I did he said nothing and he doesn't know what's wrong with him. He has completely changed going from calling me like 20+ times a day from Morocco to no phones calls or text anymore. Trust me it is a big difference. This is all still happening now and trust me I am going to report a marriage fraud because it's like this person is a stranger to me. He literally does not give a shit about me and he just left his 5 month old daughter! Sorry about this. I feel so bad for all the other honest people that marry for love, because if people like these people Moroccan men have a really bad reputation of doing or I guess Moroccans in general! So sorry

wow i don't understand why this are comment problem for many foregin people who get married with moroccan, there is aproblem we have to accept this reality
but where is the problem from moroccan or from the others person or from the perpose of eath one

exactly , they turn to be a complete stranger living a double life !

Did anyone actually think that a marriage like this (12marra12's) would last?  Everyone feels sorry for her and completely ignored the fact that they both were having extramarital affairs. Did anyone think Allah would have let this go unpunished? Get your spiritual life in gear and you will find good spouses. Allah does give good spouses to bad people and bad spouses to good people. It is never too late to take the straight path.

As I said sadly Morocco is known for marriage fraud. I can only speak for myself and say that I don't put people in a category…. Which is why I married my husband and I'm sure it's why this woman did also. These experiences that we have ,ruin it for the honest people. Sorry it is a problem with Moroccan people and other countries as well but since this is a forum dedicated to Morocco that's what we are talking about, Moroccans and their ability to use people for a visa.

I have always known this existed.  I learned quickly to take a stand and say la flous, la passport. Many would laugh and walkaway.  I love Morocco and the majority of its people but always advise to er on the side of caution

I hope you are surviving ok with this. Sadly , Im finding there is not alot of help in place for  victims of   this crime at least here in the USA

This is such a terrible story. With a small baby!!! Ruthless !!!! No feelings at all !! Im so sorry to hear it. Im still wondering how to find out if m y soon to be ex was ever really divorced or if he paid someone to have the papers faked. easy to do over there I think. But I too know the  hurt,confusion,shock and total devastation of this technique of  total love and attentiveness to absolute silence and or degradation . I was thinking at first he was mentally ill until I read about other people experiencing the same abuse.

thats really sad story , i am sorry because that happened to you from a moroccan . but moroccan not all bad and you did some faults because you give 100 % trust to that person , i know you want to help him at first because there is love between you and him .
but yeah some people are manipulative , anyway this story is clear that this man is not care about you and all your help money went to his benificts and calling you again to meet its just wanna money to bring his familly to live in usa as the housekepper told you and she cant understand the language wrong on this important talk  . be careful talking to you sometimes is not mean care of love you and want back , it can mean he miss enjoying all daily life free and because you love him you make him rest as a prince ...
i hope you can see that all this is just going to nowhere and you will be the loser at end .

What started haram/forbidden, end haram/forbidden. Both of you were married, neither one had any business to be even seeing each other, let alone speaking to each other in private and he knew that. He's supposed to be Muslim and what he did was haram.

yes you are right but a man can have up to 4 wives so how can you do that without cheating on the first wife ? I dont fully understand .

in islam we can marry 4 wife with all their right and in ligitimte way
but the religion put severe rulle to accept the multiple marriage

foe example the hasband have to treat them equally and gave him the same tratement

and spent money in equal manner
but this thing have to be ligitimite in reality

by the local law i mean marriage in paper not by words
but this dog manipulate you and also lie about the religion

In Islam, a man can have up to 4 wives, but none of them can be married...that is now committing adultery.

Hello! .. i hope you are doing well and i wish you could read my message.
  First of all you make a huge mistake is trusting an Unknown man that he was already married and he has children! ... So you could at least ask about him ..his reputation...his family..his friends! To tell you the whole romantic story before changing to a horror movie! ... My pieces of advice to you, never trust someone you don't know for sake of love or relationship or i don't know ... Not all Moroccan people are bad!! Noooon.. but i think this time you mischoose your love/life story. Bear in your mind that is never too late... I personally would like to meet you and talk to you and invite you for a coffee ☕ with my family. Try to move and see your life from another angle is better and don't meet this person again he is just a liar and a thief ! J wish you the best of luck 🤞 in your next life .. and don't trust people easily.

Salams and "Hi" to everyone.
So sorry to hear of your unfortunate situation.
I am an Australian married to a lovely Moroccan lady. She comes from a good,  respectable family and is a very decent person. I'm only telling you this because before you take the plunge you should at least find out more than what is on the surface. Anyone who is serious about taking the next step MUST see who the family members are, what their status and relationships are, and whether they are who they seem to be. Marrying a stranger from another country is not easy. There are too many scam artists in morocco, specially in the tourism sector.
Poverty, poor health services, low living conditions and daily frustrations within the public and private sectors make even
decent people do bad things.
No matter what the situation, DON'T lend ​or give large amounts of money to
​ANYONE, even if you know them well, without a legal document made your own
solicitor and translated for you into English. There is a well known saying, "A fool and his gold are soon parted."
Finally, get yourself a good lawyer and sort this dog out - in your country and in
Morocco, recover your embezzled property and have him sent to jail.
Just my 2 cents worth. Take my advice - finish this legally and for your own sake, do it right this time!!

Just to add one more thing..... Since you have his name, pictures and where he and his family live in Morocco, make a YouTube video and post it for his community to see the truth about him,  the vehicle he drives and the house he lives in is yours - Not his.
Make sure you get him deported for sham marriage and have him charged in the US and morocco for deception,  embezzlement,  and (in Morocco)  for extra marital affair which is a jailable offense in Morocco. He may even be charged in America and in Morocco for providing fraudent documents for personal gain and the US visa.

@Guest6788 you were scammed and I just was as well for over 3 years. Moroccan men are mainly liars and the married ones always have girlfriends on Facebook. They date you, share sweet words and promises, ask for money, complain about their life and reel you in. After a 3 year relationship I found a secret application on my fiancés phone. He has been sleeping with [moderated: inappropiate] and exposed me to herpes. Trust the facts. This man was lying as they all do but hide behind words such as "their honor in being Muslim" and "respect" etc. The divorce papers were probably fake but the women there also accept anything from the man because they have no education or resources. They live to just be selected for marriage one day and will accept the man to marry to provide extra things to their household. The Moroccan women accept their cheating. Never trust a Moroccan male. Never.

@Guest6788 run!!!! Moroccan men are frauds and he is trying to bring his family here on your dime. I'm sorry he used you but this is the nature of all Moroccan men married and not married. The females only live to be married and allow the husband's to cheat and gain additional wives because the original wife has no education and is completely reliant on the man. Remove this scammer and heal. Give him nothing. I just slam dunked my scammer right before I started the K1 Visa. He has been cheating in Morocco while living it up on my dime. I paid for a cheap $80 a month apartment for him to supposedly be close to his job. I also paid $1500 to have an apartment for us built in his village with his family. His mother is a diamond 💎 and has true love for me. He deceived me on every level possible. I ignored the red flags because of him always hiding and blanketing himself in the Muslim religion, the Quran and supposed honor. He is a disgrace and an uneducated fraudster but ran across the wrong woman. I have pulverized him and reported even the illegal work that he does to make a living. He ran across the wrong b****. I destroy if you use and play me. I wish you the best.

wow i don't understand why this are comment problem for many foregin people who get married with moroccan, there is aproblem we have to accept this reality
but where is the problem from moroccan or from the others person or from the perpose of eath one

- @paul von

The problem is from lying Moroccan men but I'm busting them all up. I have learned the game and going to expose all of them. I know where they illegally work, their habits, their ploys as I was engaged to one up until a day ago when I smoked him out. He thought he was going to get the K1 Visa process going while lying and cheating but he will have a criminal process going when I disclose all the places he works illegally to smuggle people out of the country and dive for sea cucumber. I told him to never toy with me. Also you sound like one of them. Remove the hat of "playing dumb" please.

@Bewareofmorocco lots of sad stories here. All blaming Moroccan men? It's the desperate ladies that allow that are allowing this to happen. The ladies who can't or wouldn't look or find a relationship in their home countries. The ladies that somehow think that going to poor countries to look for young,handsome men and generally uneducated men will give the dream love stories that only exist in their minds. Wake up ladies and gentlemen and smell the coffee. Poor people use you for their benefits just like tourists use them for their benefits.

@jahfrank Both are at fault here. What starts Haram, ends Haram and it will be punished in this life as well as akhirah. They both need to repent and ask Allah to forgive them.

@idouarab2712 tienes mucha razón, estás mujeres viejas buscan jóvenes y después se quejan,

Hello Mariano Fernandez,

Please write in English. You are on the anglophone forum.

Thanks in advance,

Hi everyone.

Why are there so many complaints? One thing for sure.... You are not using your heads. Mail order brides and husband's, generally, are scams.
They are desperate to get out of the country and they see you as one whose desperate for a life partner. I see both parties at fault, both desperate and both conniving. Both trying to leech off the other.
If you get scammed, it is your fault!
You want a good life partner, before going there find out as much as you can about them, not just chat. Once there, look at their backgrounds, families, friends, etc, AND, don't sleep with them for YOUR sake!! Make them introduce you to their immediate families and keep your eyes open and your wallets closed. A real man doesn't ask his life partner to be, to spend on him.
If you're intending to marry a Moroccan girl, meet her family in an area you know a little bit about, such as the area around where your hotel is.
Don't show off financially!!! If you want to help, do it after you're married and everything is fine. They've managed before you so they can wait a little longer.
Keep your heart in your chest, your privates in your underwear, and you'll be fine. Stay safe at all times.
My 2 cents worth ....

@AlanWB Couldn't say it better, so true. All these people crying to be cheated and lied on. You have let that happen for a long time, sometimes even for years. A psychologist is sometimes better than a husband… 👍🏼

@mariano fernandez las personas desesperadas se comportan de manera extraña, especialmente cuando se trata de buscar el amor.

@AlanWB well said, AlanWB. Whenever I meet a girl, I always tell her' I can't take you out to my Country (UK) because I want to come and live one day here in Marrakeck and also my previous wife doesn't accept a divorce in UK so I can't take you . You will find a decent partner especially in the outskirts of the cities. Good luck

@AlanWB oh this is such a profound statement.  I AGREE 100%.  I did not move to Morocco to find a husband but to find a peaceful retirement among many great people. 


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@chinono3936 I have lived here 5 years and met several good moroccañ men. Good husbands, fathers, family men and hard workers.  There are  good and bad men añd women the world over. I am not looking anyway.   

@Cathylesher Yes I understand you.but what am saying is that the bad people in Morocco is more than the good ones.i know them very based on experience,am from.nigeria but I lived here some.years,are you still in Morocco now?

Unfortunately stuff like this goes on everywhere in the world. But for people to claim everyone in Morocco is like this or generalise Morccan is unfair. Unless you have met every single citizen in Morocco to then make the decision as to who is good and who is bad.

It's up to each and everyone individual person to make sure they do their Reserch on who they want to marry and how they progress with their life. Yes there are sad upsetting stories but that's just an individual case. There are many successful cases out there. More success than bad.

Iv been hear for over 7 years in Morocco and yes it's been difficult but that's life. But had more success hear that outweighs the negatives.

Morocco is an amazing place just be caution as to who you meet and deal with and go into relationship with. Don't rush. Do research. Meet and explore and see how things go.

Morocco is the same as every other country in the world. There is good and there is bad. But that how life works.

Keep safe everyone. Remember be respectful and have an open neutral mind.



@chinono3936 i qm so sorry you had such a bad experience in Morocco. I am happy here.