Met a Moroccan man can I trust him

Met a Moroccan man on Instagram got talking in January 2019 and I went and met him in April he wanted a baby and to get married I ended up getting pregnant but we never got married as things started to go wrong arguing ect he owns to cafes but he has ask me for 500 pounds  do I trust him or is he using me I have met his mum at home and his brother really need advice

Hello Helen , i am sorry for you that the story endup like that . If he loves you and want to be with you he should to marry you , you get pregnant now so he need to take care of you and make the relation betwen you and him in a calm and comfortble lovely way no arguing with you that he have a shit reason for not marrying you . You know his mom and his brother so they accepting you as part of the familly so there is no reason to say cant married . about the money i think he know you are in a weak situation now and you waiting him for marriage and you love him so he sure that you will give him the money and of course your mind emotionally controled by amygdila right now will not listen to people advice ... Note : all moroccan familly will treat you and welcoming you in their home as a part of the familly when you come with their son .
i hope things will be fine and take care of your self you are pregnant now so your baby need his/her mom to be comfortable and happy or that will affect on the baby

I wish we could work things out but he keeps blocking me so I think I have to do this on my own for now I'm just not sure he really loves me he promised me on his life and his religion he loved me but I think he is not a good man

Its hard when you love someone and he ignore you like he didnt know you before .
if you can contact his brother and texting him to tell her mother to help in this situation , if he cant speak frensh use translate arabe to understand .
why he dont want to marty you ? Does he tell you direct the reason why ?
About promises men have to keep their words when they promise but if he didnt then not a man .

I can try and get hold of them but don't think it will do any good and I think your he is no man

Thank youb

its will be fine try talk to his mom and see whats happen , if you need help in translate just send me message  . You welcome .
waiting if any member have another idea to help

Hi dear well that was fast never the lest be careful he is asking for money and your fighting now
Sit back take a big breath and think
Yes you met his mother n his family that doesnt mean anything giving money is a RED FLAG  you only know him a short while and now pregnant
Dear me personally I wouldn't give him the money no way your pregnant now is he going to marry you ??

I've see so much failure in this situation
My best friend was taken for alot 5years of giving money and saying he loves her etc
What happened he ended up with HIV AND  came back to her asking for money for his medication  I just wanted to let you know there  is good n bad Moroccan men out there

so Dear you be careful and make sure whatever you decide it's the right one

Hi dear Helen,

I am very sorry to hear about the story breaking your heart, but keep strong and may be god have reasons for this,,,

I am Moroccan, studied and lived for decades in US and UK, socialized and befriended people from different cultures / backgrounds and walk of life, what's happen to you can happen to any one with any one in anywhere in the world. be strong its not the end of the world and the sky is not going to fall down on your head,,, if he blocked you as you said, and if you know that he is alive my advice to you is forget him, dont waste time and build new life for yourself and the baby,,,

do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any good help to you,,,

Good Luck and GOD BLESS YOU

Hi just read your reply it's all very well for you to say forget about him and move it's not that easy  where is his responsibility for his child  What just dismiss the situation  he father the child and now he has blocked her ?? Men think they can get away with this  l really hope she takes him as she said he own two cafes  Is this a Muslim culture really don't  think so

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Met a Moroccan men can I trust him

Yes I agree with you Vicki, since I am in Morocco - Rabat city now I can help her with this, I can help her to file a legal case with the court against him. We can request for the child DNA and if matching the father DNA he will be prosecuted and charged heavily,,,,


Why is there a DNA  test done don't you think this young lady is going through enough now has to endure this

To prove hes the father I really don't  know how you look at this situation  from my point of view it's like shes a women to sleep around  She knows hes the father and so does he

With all my respect to you madam, I believe you are a matured and intellectual person,,,,

The father of the child is blocking/ignoring her and this is the subject of the forum - SO there is to options for her either to accept the situation and carry-on with her life and she may be better off without the father of the husband "she mentioned in her note that he asked her 500 pound - for me he is after he money" or she can file a legal case against him.

BACK to your reply "WHY DNA?" the court needs physical evidences not just talk - otherwise any women can get pregnant with any men and accuse him to be the father - the DNA will confirm.

I dont understand why you have such reaction  against DNA test,,, I believe you are living in a modern age mama,,,,

This is my personal opinion only,,,,

I feel for the young women to have to prove though DNA it's like shes a girl that sleeps around  I really don't  think this is the case here regardless that the weak father has blocked her all due asking her for money
Moroccan men are known to ask for money  all form some sort of relationship with a foreign  women for money all to get out of Morocco 
You know this and so does alot of women who. Been used in  this way
And I know a few foreign women that revealed  this in our women group of Morocco
Yes am a mature woman  and I know what am talking about .

Like in Casablanca single  mums giving there babies  up due unable to care for them
So they  are put into adoption agencies
Why due to no response from the fathers to these babies That's so sad men get away with alot that's not how it suppose to be isn't it

Hey everybody , about the Dna test and go trought the court and police ... Its not a good idea she have enough problems and after all that if he dont want to marry her even if he going to marry her by force it will just make the realtion and living between the two hard and bad . So i think she need to try to forget and leave her life far from him and take care of her baby now , its hard to do that but its the reality maybe she have feeling of hope that maybe he will back to marry her and live together happy but tje facts say it not . May allah help her .
About moroccans men there is the problem of poverty and money and a lot waiting for foreign woman to get them from morocco or give him money and some waiting her sister to send him money and some waiting their parents and even girls waiting a men to marry him and achieve her dreams ... Lot of lot of bad mindset need to change in this country .
Anyway not all people same there is bad and good .


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men are men in all the globe, try to treat him as a human being not as a moroccan man

Ah he is Moroccan ok

I find a bit hard to understand the issue. Is it about love/no love or marriage/no marriage or about the 500 pounds?
For love is between 2  if no love from one side so just quit.
For marriage I do not get it. People in the Europe and in western world for decades lived years together before marriage if they decide de get married.
For the 500 famous pounds the guy did not put the knife on you throat to give the money to him. So do what you want
For the baby I do not know really about who is responsible about what. But in Moroccan culture/ Islam faith no sex before marriage. However in such situation this guy is a coward and better for you to stay away from him. If he is real one he would never ever give up his baby and he should look after you as well.
If you need any help feel free to contact me but be strong and move on. What happened to you may for good. I always see thing this way.

Just read what you have replied to this post
Why say not to have sex before marriage this is in Islam
Well you see clearly here it's not the point is it
Women from all over the world come to Morocco for sex not marry  Moroccan men are having sex with Moroccan women and are not married so What do you do about that
No matter what culture is there it's been broken

I want to immigrate to Europe and get married

All I can see is your broken English. Please rephrase or just forget about it.

I want you to help me out of Morocco

What help you why should I help you
That's alot of work n money that I don't  do is spend money on a man

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