Met a Moroccan man can I trust him

@merka1975 true

@delacruzllanie66 yes very bad

@Er82 same can be said  about most arrogant hypocrite irresponsible women

@Maria Valladarez is that an issue what matters if I am a lawyer or not

This thread seems to have devolved into a « moroccan men are bad » thread.  Wow. Men everywhere can be complete a**holes. So can women.

Anyway, I have been married to a  lovely Moroccan man for almost 9 years. Have we had arguments and difficulties? Certainly, but we have worked through them. Just like everything else in life.

so, if you meet a nice man and you aren't sure whether or not to trust him, go with your gut.  Don't ask people who dont know you or him in an online forum! Think how it would go if he was American or British or German or whatever! Not all Moroccan men even want to leave their country, for crying out loud.

I have met some amazing people from morocco. There is bad, and there are good people in this world, no matter where you go. There are some Moroccan men that are out for citizenship in other countries and there are some that deceive people but I am from the United States and there's people here that do this. All the Moroccan people that I have met have been online. He says he loves me and we have yet to meet because of him. I am pretty sure he's probably married or there's some reason we have not met, and from what other people have told me that he's deceiving me and he's not who he says. He's still a nice person, and  we still continue to speak five years later❤️ 

@Shelly0509 this is the exact story of my "love" story. So sad! 

@paul von i had almost the same situation, as the author of this post, but without pregnancy. I came to Morocco and brought my child with me. I came here to marry a moroccan  man.

He started behaving in strange way, demanding money and fighting with me.

Then he wrote a long disgusting letter to me as far as he understood i am not going to spend my money on him. He insulted and called me an idiot who believed his lies.

When I complained his family about him they said: we don't want to be involved.

Girls, who was in the same situation, write to me, please. I need some emotional support.   


How on earth can anyone profess ‘love' online?

Maybe you can write your own sad story book. If you are looking online for love then that in itself is a sad story.  If you get scammed then you are a big part of the problem. Don't blame the people.

Hi write me dear on my inbox@Vladilena

Maybe you can write your own sad story book. If you are looking online for love then that in itself is a sad story. If you get scammed then you are a big part of the problem. Don't blame the people.

Blame the need of man to fish an opportunity to get a free visa to get a better life no matter what

@Maria Valladarez If you are looking in the wrong places, then you will get opportunists sadly. That's just the way the story goes. It's in the dna sometimes and the way of thinking of some people but not all.

Not everyone is after visa and money or free sex.

In all of Morocco, there MUST be at ONE good Moroccan man! 

Oh dear!   By all the threads ... it doesn't look like it!

@Popolushka Unfortunately many. It is not the problem that they want visa, money or s**. Everybody has the right to get what they want. The problem is that some Moroccan guys cheat on lonely and older women to reach their goals. They love bomb those weak women and then gaslight them to get what they want. It has nothing to do with love. They use those women for their goal. That is what I find ugly.

@javava88 Therefore is very difficult for Moroccans even those genuine ones obtain visa  different way. Because of fraudsters. But in my experience I have not been asked to marry anyone or help out any person. The problem is, many US ladies start to be serious with guy very soon. Engagement on second visit, wedding on third or fourth visit.  And some guys  get advantage of that. A man should give more than take . Not other way round.

@Popolushka So why is that the US ladies are in a hurry to get married? If they are desperately trying to rush things then the opportunists will of course take advantage. 🤔 So nobody can just blame the Moroccans. People are also part of the problem.  Why not look elsewhere, if people think Moroccans are scammers?

@RR@ They are just tarring everyone with the same brush. You'd just look elsewhere if people just think negative. 🤔


Dear friend,

So far it's quite unclear if the father recognized the baby or he signed the birth certificate. If the answer is no in both instances, then the mother needs to take legal action against the presumed father in regards to the child support. One of the main requirements would be the mother  would request a court order for the DNA so she can prove beyond the reasonable doubt he is the father of the child. This legal procedure it used in UK, USA, , Canada, Australia and pretty much all over the world. Else, without the DNA test, court proceedings can go any further. It is sad, it is unfortunate, but it is what it is


Dear Shelly,

This cannot be attributed only to Moroccan guys, it happens every day, all over the world.