Moroccan men and cafes???

I am an American woman and have a question for someone to answer honestly?? Since living as a single woman in Morocco over the  past few months  I can't help but notice everyday when I pass at least 20 cafes many of the men  yell at me like I'm an animal..  the sad part is some of the same men that try to chat with me have wedding bands on.... Is this why the men sit there all day🙄🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 I'm clueless ...  They treat woman disrespectfully but will kill a man if anyone did this to there mother's, sisters or wives.. I am not saying every moroccan man does this but in my experience so far it seems like many choose this behavior??? Help me understand please ! Thank you

Problem is probably because you are neither escorted by a husband nor covered discretely enough. In their eyes you are asking for it. Is it really a surprise or do you know so little about conservative Islamic cultures and norms?

97 % of them are like that I have spend 4 years in Morocco.

I read it's quite prevalent where you're from, so I thought you might know something about it - … ted_States

Hello Shannan,

Umm, first of all with all respect to Moroccan people. I have many friends from Morocco especially in Moroccans in Saudi Arabia. If I'm not mistaken, you probably live in Casablanca and I would tell you that 98% of men are idiots and stupids. I can see their violence and attitude with the Moroccan girls.

However, the best thing you can do is to play stupid and pretend like you don't hear them. They don't dear to touch you nor harming you as they know you are a western. Anyway, please make sure you don't wear like you're in your home country. Try to avoid short clothes. You can wear anything but cover the body. Short clothes attract men everywhere in the world not only in Morocco. Also, try to avoid areas and places in the night or late at night. Be where most people are to be seen by everyone in the streets.

Finally, the above-mentioned apply most in Casablanca only. If you go to Marrakech or Akadir, you don't face these issues at all.

I am living near kenitra.. a smaller city .. I dress veryyyyyyyy modestly and appreciate the advice... when I left the United States and arrived in Morocco I learned fast a few lessons on not looking western 🤣🤣🤣🤣 . Have a great day

One should be aware that there is a double standard in many countries. It has more to do with male entitlement and misogyny than religion directly because it is not limited to Muslims; Hindu and Christian men in many places act the same. Foreign women are often seen as open game for harassment. Dressing conservatively is in order but does not guarantee that one still won’t have problems. It means that if a woman fails to dress modestly they are very likely to get harassed. Modest dress lowers but doesn’t eliminate the risk. In some places, traveling with a man is a protection because the woman is more or less seen as his property; she is already claimed. In India, many men still grab at foreign women - even traveling with a male. They know that many young foreigners are not married yet the woman is in a sexual relationship. They conclude that if she will sleep with that guy who isn’t her husband then why she shouldn’t sleep with everyone. Or at least this is the wishful thinking as Indian men have told me.  Short of having a visible wedding ring and a kid or two in tow, the locals won’t want to accept that a foreign woman is already spoken for.

this type of behavior usually occurs in smaller cities in morocco where some of the men are not "house trained" and grow up with a delusional sense of superiority (even though they are uneducated, jobless, and toothless). In their little deluded mentality, single foreign women who are unaccompanied by a man are "looking for it".

men sit in coffee shops because they are working and coffee shops double as their office. There are lawyers, accountants, car salesmen, intermediaries, etc...that sit in coffee shops all day "working". the rest are unemployed sitting there looking for an opportunity, perhaps a foreign woman lol.

There is a predatory, rapey method to how moroccan men approach women....the uncomfortable pervy stares, they pursue you to the bathroom and wait for you to get out, tail you for miles in their cars...i'd really hate to be a woman living in morocco.

I lived in Marrakech alone for 3 months this fall.  I can recall only one time when a man shouted something at me, and I walked past many cafes full of men.  I don't look their direction, I always wear a wedding band and generally wear sunglasses.  I also walk quickly and don't "stroll" down the sidewalk.  I agree with another reply here, the best response is no response.

Yes, I had noticed the same thing, but I have never had any problems.   I asked my husband and sister-in-law about it and received two different answers.  The answer to that question depends on who you ask.  When I first came to Morocco, I stayed in Kenitra, but now we live near Casablanca area.  I'm married to a Moroccan which is why living here, and I like it here.  I'm also American.

I would suggest you dress conservatively and modestly, and ignore the cat calls that you're not interested in, and remember there is Good and Bad everywhere you go now days, just stay safe and enjoy your time here in Beautiful Morocco.  Trust your feelings, if it feels unsafe believe it, and get too safely.  Life is too short to be stupid!

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