Is this morrocan guy a scammer?

I started talking to a Morrocan guy on a language exchange forum. I was very suspicious when he started to sound romantic. I told him even though I live in the USA I am not from here, and I don't have citizenship. Also, I'm moving back home soon. My country of origin is very poor, I'm from Latin America. I told him I don't make a lot of money. He seemed offended and said he was not looking for that. Here are some other green flags I'm noticing; he said if he ever married, he would like to provide. We don't have any age gap. We are both healthy young people. He has a good job and is educated. He's never solicited me for anything inappropriate. He wants to date and wants me to meet his friends and family. He has agreed to take things slow (because of my online job as I can stay as long in Morocco as I want).

3 red flags stick out, 1. He told me early on that his dream is to get married and have kids 2. Most of the women he follows on social media are foreign. 3. We met online

If he can't get money or an American visa from me, are there other reasons why he might scam me?

I don't believe he could be scamming you because you can go and meet him where he's from. He sound like having good intentions to you.

I being scammed by a person from Morocco and I pay Netflix from him for a year and he didn't stop hurting me until I leave him.

My advice?: Don't give nudes.

Most Moroccans are good, honest, great and decent people.

Take care and have a nice day

Silvina ( I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

@sofialovestravel Doubt it. He doesn't seem like he's scamming you, especially since he wants you to meet his friend and family. Give it a try and take it slow. Only time will let you get to know a person better. Not everyone is out to scam for a visa or other things.

If he took you to his family and friends.

Maintain communication

no doubt, you are luck.

Thanks for the replies I really appreciate it. I think I just got scared when I looked up advice about dating a Morrocan, most of it was about scamming.

@sofialovestravel run!!!

@merka1975 thanks for the advice. Can you give me a little more context?

I would say go in with eyes open. They say anything at the beginning.      So meet him and watch and listen to what happens. Don't ignore any red flags.   Good luck

I'm in the same boat. I am American and I have met his family. When I came he gave me gifts and I stayed with his family. They are from Casablanca and he and I travelled around while I was there. When I came his mom took me to a salon and his mom and sister purchased me clothes. I was really surprised because like you I was reading all the horror stories. We've been together almost a year now and yes he love bombed initially, he purchased me a ring but I pushed back because that's just not how I roll. He is now working again because I told him men in my family work and everyone is entrepreneurs.

One other caveat, I'm Muslim as well although I'm a revert. i still keep my eyes open but I don't see the scam yet because I'm stingy with my money lol.

I'm also giving because charity was instilled in me.  I would say just take your time don't let them rush you into anything.


I am sorry but that is my advice and it's the honest one. I am married to a Moroccan man and I definitely know what I'm talking about. They are very sweet on their mouth,  for whatever reason....because they love you or just want to leave Morocco...the thing is that they can't ever be ready for anything outside Morocco...why...their religion is holding them back in many things they need to do with their partner,  outside Morocco that is. I live in Canada and life in Canada is another world for them,  so I am working very hard to find middle ground between my husband's previous life and the one he needs to live here with me. They can't be ready for that and I didn't know what I got myself into,  until we got married. Love is blind and truly blind so think twice before you make any decisions.

Things I will mention now,  are not from just my experience but experience of many women I met who got married to a Moroccan guy or have them as a boyfriend.

They lie too much and most are lying about the same things 🤣🤣...if they need money from you,  they will say how their mother is sick and they need money to pay for the hospital. They all sweet talk the same words in order to get women to believe them and trust them....I never met woman same you...I will die for you...I can't live without you...I'm nothing without you...only you in my life and so on.

There is nothing they can offer,  that a guy from your country will offer you...nothing but problems,  jealousy and heartache.

They don't understand women from other countries and they expect us to be like Moroccan women,  cook, clean and take care of the children yet they don't want us to be Moroccan women because they cheat too much or they are all about money.

I am just telling you to be

careful and smart...stay and see how you feel,  give it time but don't put your hopes up too much and don't rush into doing anything but having fun with him.

No matter the education or how smart he is...their way of life in Morocco and the way they are brought up will never get them ready for other countries or women.

At the end of the day,  most of them just want to leave Morocco,  yet still want to live same way as they live in Morocco just with more money in their pocket.

If anyone in this forum wants to debate on my thoughts,  they are more than welcome to do so,  although they know the truth.

Good luck and enjoy....get to know him in person and what others are saying that since he wants you to meet his friends and family,  he loves you...that's a bull sss....

Often their friends and family would be on the game with them so they marry a woman from another country and leave Morocco,  some mothers would push their son to get married and leave Morocco so they can work in that other country and send them money back home.

Trust your gut and listen to yourself...if something doesn't feel!!

@merka1975 spot on!

@sofialovestravel he is a scammer. Believe me. Once he understands you are of no use for him, he will get rid of you in the cruelest way possible. By that time you'll become addicted to him.

They are all the same, no variations. Just bio robots.

Note that he can get sex and true love from you. No Moroccan woman would agree for that without getting married. But no marriage with a Moroccan woman without money. Moroccan women don't hesitate  asking about income in the first messages, before dating.

@merka1975  thanks for the info. I believe you and I understand it's many peoples experience. The one difference is my country is poor like Morocco, and like Morocco many people are looking to marry an American or European for a visa. He knows life would be the same here as in Morocco.

@Vladilena yes I am trying to show I'm of no use to him! I've been expecting him to leave but he hasn't.  He knows I don't do sex before marriage, I also come from a traditional background. We also had the talk about his finances, I just flat told him I need to be with someone who can help support me. If I go there and he pressures me for something I'm breaking it off.

@Lysa Drew I think waiting it out is important. I'm scared one day he'll ask me for sex or money but so far so good.

@sofialovestravel Don't be scared, just say no.

@sofialovestravel 😒😄...for Moroccan people...any country is better than their own...they just want to leave Morocco and from there,  wherever you's much easier to go to yet another country. I hope I'm wrong and I wish you come back to this forum in years time and laugh in our faces,  telling us we were wrong. I'm not saying they are bad people or just want to use women for their own interest but unfortunately 99% are not honest. My husband is here in Canada and I am seeing his ego growing, showing off to his friends that he made it to another country and rich country for that matter, so he's better off than all of them,  lol. I'm in love with my husband and he loves me,  we are 3 years together but there are many things I need to make him change about himself,  if he wants to blend in this country. He will not show you the bad side of himself,  until he has you hooked up but it will be hard then to let go.

Sorry,  no more negative things....just be careful like I said and enjoy what he's giving you while you are in America...once you go home....things might change and you will see the real person.

BTW, my husband is saying all these things himself,  so I am not talking behind his back 🤣🤣...he's talking about Moroccan guys wanting to leave Morocco and the only difference between him and other people is that he didn't know for a very long time that I live in Canada....I was smarter and when I told him I live in Canada,  he didn't believe me nor he cared.  Good luck 👍

@merka1975 I agree with that. I won't say all because I don't want to generalize but mine is pretty honest, he's too honest sometimes but he said he wants to leave Morocco or he would rather live more North or Dubai.

@Lysa Drew lol...yes...they tend to start on being more honest...too honest like you are saying,  only if caught in a lie or there is nothing to lie about anymore 🤣...after all the lies they start getting women on sentimental side,  for women to feel sorry and never question anything 😜...I think I pretty much got everything about what Moroccan guys could be and not just Morocco people but all the other 3rd world countries...

I took my husband through hell and back and not on purpose to test him but because of the attitude they can have when not their way 🤣🤣...he stuck with me and was there with me in my struggles but nonetheless,  it's tiring to try and make him feel comfortable in a country that's thousands of miles away,  that's completely different than his and that's way forward in digital world. Canada is for people who know what they want but them being from Morocco and jobless most of the time...they tend to slack in a working world. Everyone needs to understand these things and think about them....religion and way of life in 2 different worlds

I would appreciate input of Moroccan men in this thread. I am up for honest discussion not one-sided wringing and rant of women.

@merka1975 Thank you for sharing and giving advice. Are you still married with him or already divorce?

Im sorry but I'm a bit confused.

how do Moroccan men have a bad work ethic when it is ingrained since birth that they have to provide for the family, the whole family (sometimes extended family too)?

some work 12 to 14 hours a day (which is a lot more than most European countries) so how it is that they change when they leave to other countries outside Morocco?

@javava88 no problem...yes,  we are still married and still together.  My love for my husband will never change,  and like I said,  I'm one of the few lucky ones,  where Morocco man actually fell in love, but that still doesn't change a fact that many and most are scammers.

@sofialovestravel not to be rude but do you question all men who may have an interest in you as possibly being a scammer? if no, then maybe dont question if a random moroccan dude that no one knows personally here on this forum is a scammer. If yes, then maybe dont talk to men on the internet and meet men in real time. Either way i wish you discernment and all the best and i hope you never get scammed as scammers are everywhere not just in morocco.

@act2373 you're answer was a bit rude. Obviously this is new for me and I'm trying to be safe. Some people's advice was actually helpful, but yours was just mean.

@act2373 😊 First off, this forum is about Moroccan guys and yes,  scammers are everywhere but like I said,  this forum is specific to Moroccan guys. I met my husband through social media,  but before I met HIM,  I was followed by 5000 Moroccan,  Algerian and Tunisian guys...they literally spammed my FB. Talking to many of them and visiting Morocco multiple times,  I realized how they get a woman to trust them and fall in love with them,  so I was very careful and a little advice to you as don't go along with  every guy that has a interest in you,  just so you don't come off as not trusting people...hope you understand this. It takes a lot for a person to show that they are honest and trustworthy,  especially if you never met them in real life. Some nations are better than others in scamming so you need to know,  who you are getting involved in with. I met my Moroccan husband through social media and if I was stuck up as much as you think I was,  I would never marry him,  but again,  I am one of the few lucky ones to have true love. Listen,  it takes a lot for a person to find true love over the phone so I'm just saying to be careful and when it comes to Moroccan guys specifically,  they all have their own unique ways of making women love them and trust them....I'm just pointing these unique ways,  so women don't make same mistakes as many did. None of my friends stayed married to their husband's, once they arrived in our country,  so there must be something off

Another thought I can share with media relationships are usually between a young man and an older woman....hardly ever you will see a relationship between 2 people in close age group...why??....because older women get vulnerable very fast and guys got to learn how to manage women like that....getting them to trust anf believe in love,  to asking for money slowly and then having that marriage proposal as if they can't live without them.

You do as you please,  but keep some of these things in mind, that's all.

Just a quick note...I went through hell and back,  doing the papers for my husband and while many others got rejected,  he was approved right on the spot and got his papers to come to Canada...another proof to me that his love for me is real and true....these officers in the embassy are no joke and they themselves know when Moroccan people are scamming,  just to leave the country.

If I was to do love over social media never get to experience a true love through dating and fighting face to face 🤣🤣everything is done over the phone and prolonged for years at the time,  where love is never the same, after you actually get to be together. Don't be naive.

@sofialovestravel lol the truth usually does hurt ah little bit 😂 again i wish you the best

@merka1975 I said what i said. use your discernment and trust yourself. simple. obviously thats not something that rings to true for both of you? not sure how a forum and strangers are going to know whether someone is a scammer?

@merka1975 Thank you for your reply! You are really lucky to find true love! How I hope I could be the same lucky as you. But I often have the feeling that I have met a scammer. He speaks only sweet words to me and I see no actions from him showing his love to me except in bed😂 But how can you know then that most of them are scammers since you are actually in a happy marriage?

@act2373 😊 I trust myself and my husband, however,  that's why people in this forum share the experience and thoughts so others get spared the heartache. I give the advice and it's up to a person to take it or leave it. I will say it one more time...90% of people are scammers,  it's up to you to find the 10%...I know I did 😉 😀...just don't trust yourself too much,  cause love can be blind.

90% is a big portion1f62f.svg! One could lose interest in Moroccan guys since the risk to meet a scammer is so high!

@javava88 yes risk is high because you believe that risk is high. But why a Moroccan guy would be interested in woman if she believes he is a Scammer. Just turn it arroun. If a guy interested in you would see you as a potential scammer. would you be interested in developing relationship with him? I guess not.

@Popolushka 🤔😅🤣...I'm are so naive. That's where women like you are getting what's coming to them...this is just constructive criticism,  nothing personal. They don't care what you think about them or their intentions...they keep their plans on track and that's to get you to like them and fall in love with is history.

@merka1975 you are very negative.

@merka1975 I agree with you based on my experience. I was lovebombed and fall in love with a guy. It seems he does not care about my past and our future. His purpose is to marry me or get money from me. Once he notices that I won‘t marry him in a short time and I won‘t send him money even though he repeated how poor and how badly he needs money for his sick father and mother, the sweet words from him disappear. I am still struggling in detaching from him since I thought I fall in love1f625.svg

@Er82 yes...if being honest and truthful comes off as being negative...then,  I am negative. Listen,  take my advice or negative comments as you please,  at the end of the day,  it's your choice and decision as to whom you will trust or give your love to.  Forum is to share our experiences,  thoughts and opinions and if you can't take this as an advice,  then don't ask any questions. I am very straightforward and I don't hide or pretend...I'm saying what I know,  what I experienced and what I've seen many other women experienced. If you must know,  why I'm saying what I'm saying,  I shall tell you. Before my husband,  I spoke to a guy via Facebook. We hit it off perfectly and had a good time. He was sweet and funny and I started falling for his charm,  not knowing anything about Moroccan guys. Couple of months later,  he started talking about not having food,  his mom was in hospital and sick, which prompted me to help him and keep helping every week. Long story short,  I couldn't help him anymore and he dropped the relationship and all the love was just about money and not to talk about marriage proposals every day. After this relationship,  I dropped Moroccan people,  until my husband came along. Having the experience from first guy,  I put my husband through hell,  just to make sure he's not lying and deceiving me. I was asking him to send him money,  which he always refused,  I would block him for every little fight but he stayed with me. In time,  we met each other's family and my mom was happy with him and encouraged me to be with him. He never asked for money,  he never gave me any reason not to trust him and he wasn't pushing me to get married. I went to Morocco to visit him and solidify what I was feeling for him. Even then,  he wasn't pushing me to get married his family was ok with me,  not overly crazy to make me think they like me. You choose who you want to trust to,  but being careful about it,  it doesn't hurt. Most guys are bad but make sure the guy you chose is the good one.

@merka1975 you wrote the story of my ex marriage...

@sofialovestravel I think you should go see a psychiatrist 🙂😀 and I think he's the one who should run! Sorry but...what's wrong with you?

Your green flags are not even green flags, you are immature, for example the 'age gap' sthat a green flag ? Ppl with huge age gaps lead perfectly amazing lives! Haven't you seen the gorgeous picture of gorgeous Catherine zeta Jones recently? THAT is love.. 25 y + age gap. . There are so many examples, not only in celebrities world but also normal ppl,and lots of couples with an age gap where the woman is's not about the gap in age, it's about the gap in mindset.

So you are already in a wrong mindset in my book,'shopping for love ', making lists. Honest its not how it works ! All these ppl whining about 'not having their hearts broken ' on other threads.. True love is a risk ! You need to b honest that's all, and run away when there's real red flags, which is not the case of your 'bf', red flags are more your side.

You are here profiling him and going in drama mode because he says he wants to get married n have kids ? He kept talking to you despite you not having any lasting ties to the US, so why do you assume he's being dishonest ?

As for the foreigners...yes sometimes you don't get along with the ppl from the other sex in your country, or maybe he lived abroad...

I think you need to trust your guts. You have the right to trust your guts. If something feels wrong,then most of the times, something IS wrong , and no potential relationship is worth all this fuss.

You don't need to rationalize it like this. God gave us gut feelings and instincts to PROTECT us. You don't have to justify it, it's OK, you feel somethings off then back off

Or is he helping you stay in Morocco as well ?

All the best. Sorry if I was a bit rude but I hate preconceived ideas and I myself have a big age gap with my husband and although after a few years irs not working anymore for very specific reasons, my marriage was all worth it and gave me the most beautiful gift, I wouldnever change that.

Some ppl can fall out of love, or shit can happen, but it has never anything to do with age. You need to respect the person you have feelings for, and to respect the relationship, and yourself, for things to work. And I believe that's the only real pbm in all break ups.

@Silvina White I love your answer .

@Lysa Drew sorry hun you're not at all in the same boat... how?

She's not American. She's not from the YS and she's not going to stay there and she told him. Maybe you misunderstood ? So definitely not the same boat plus not all Moroccans want to live in the US either.