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I need help. I have been talking to a Moroccan man for 15 months he is almost 30. Things have been great until he asked me for $22K to show him that I trust him.

He said that is a condition. He has no job and I have been taking care of him since last year. We spent 3 months in Turkey together.

But he wants this $22K. I love him more than anything but I just do not know what to do or think.

Any sincere advice is appreciated.

Thank you

To be brutally honest he is scamming you.
He has twisted the trust side of the relationship by asking you to give him $22K. How is this trust on his part? What will he do with the money? He will simply use the money how he pleases. That is not trust.

He has been using you from the very start of the relationship. It is an out and out scam.

I am sorry to say it but you will be very crazy to give him money.I am a Moroccan and we don't ask women for money.On the contrary, we provide them with everything they want.Simly this so-called man is a thief,So,pay attention .We don't buy love because it is a free gift from God

Beautifully said

All he will do is buy an apartment and say goodbye to you. Plain and simple. He is unemployed, and I assume he was before you met him, but he was still able to eat, live etc.

100% scam from the beginning. There will be no love for you from his side, you are nothing more than a meal ticket, sorry to say.

If you are serious about marriage with him, and still wish to continue, or you fall in love with another Moroccan, always get a residence card, so you are able to register things on your name never ever trust things you buy on someone else's name, no matter how trivial it is. And ALWAYS get a prenup, and listed in the marriage contract.

Voice of experience talking here, and I've seen it all, Moroccans will always stick with Moroccans no matter your position. rule no. 1 of being in Morocco. Look after yourself first, before you think to look after others.

Seriously still you need advice ?

Lilous04 wrote:

Beautifully said


I am Moroccan and nope  a real man wouldn't ask for your money for trust that is not a test for trust that's scamming. We don't know the reason why he asked for buying a house looks like that the average below middle class price or he wants to go to school or his father wants to put a new heart...or just want to scam you but it doesn't sound right at all.

I lived abroad for more than a decade and now back to my country for a year and actually people and sadly people here do anything for two things; sex and money to andisgusting level.

Don't allow your self to be a victim.



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So, what did you finally end up doing?  I hope your answer is you turned and ran away without giving money.

You must never give money to anyone
Its rude of a person to ask you for money so he must have no feelings for you

Stay away from him and meet a man who will buy you things to show his affection

Are you okay and you safe and settled

I fell for a Moroccan man also. Although the never asked me for money, and when I went to visit him, he paid for everything, I still was skeptical of his intentions with me. I had this gut feeling like he was just investing in me to get married for a green card because on our way to the airport he asked me to start the K1 visa process. I saw that as a red flag. Since I got back to the US, I've been fighting the gut feeling but now I decided to block him after reading all kinds of posts of American women being used by Moroccan. I feel better now after crying about blocking him.

Hello madam I hear that you are talking about Moroccan man ,but I am so sorry if you are dealing with somebody eles who need that grean card, all people in the world are not same as you think .it deapand of your shoosing. I am personally looking also for real origin relationships.
Best regard
Khalid .

Every moroccan man is a liar. Mine loved me so much, put my picture in his room, called me wife, showed me to all family and friends on video call,made me come there to visit- everything beautiful. He never asked nothing but for me to come and marry him. I end up left alone and pregnant with him asking me money. After months of being nice loving calm person... In the end he was a liar, a big one. He may even be faithful to you but it last only until you have money. Once you don't give money you're erased. Even if you're pregnant. They play on card that you're far and can't embarrasse him infront of nobody. But maybe his family even knows. I'm talking from sad experience. Perfect man who was just another liar.
Date guy in your country. He can be moroccan even but only if he lives in your country and working... So you know he doesn't need you.

Finaly someone saw it. Ir right they are all the same. Never trust any. I feel Sorry for u. They want just money and to go out of Morocco thats all matters. Never send money and their parent wil b by their side unless they are like him for money then they wil b happy to receive u n of course u wil bring gifts n things when you come then after they talk about you.

Yes... I mean when I met my guy i read everything on internet about this subject but my guy seemed so good. Full of love and respect for religion. No smoking, drinking, going out... Job and house was his life. I was younger than him so i thought this one is for real. I'm not some old, ugly woman. I thought he was happy with my looks and personality. My family and friends hated him from the first time I told them about him. I told them they are racist and bad. You know I defended him so much. How could he not love me- he calls me 1000 times a day, when i was sick for something I ate he was crying. He had my picture in his room, showed me on video call, he made me meet all his brothers and everyone. When I came there first time they said no gifts (of course i bring gifts- for me it was normal). Next time they wanted expensive stuff without me asking they sent me a list. You have shops there, why do I have to bring it. When he saw i didn't have enough money for him i think that was the moment he decided not to marry me. But i was already pregnant. I went out of the country for papers and i was bend from coming back. He told me not to do it. To loose the baby and if I don't abort he doesn't care anyway. He's not gonna pay nothing for it. He told me this words- i have to think about my self, not you and the baby. I need to make myself a good living.
I was good later when he started asking money. I didn't give any to him. I was crazy to believe him one time. That's it.
This is not question of hating muslims just to explain. I have muslim friends who I adore. They never asked me nothing but my friendship. I just know because of what I discovered with this guy and living some time there. They search a girl to get away. Maybe that even stay with her after but it's not for love, it's just because they need someone to help with money. Alternative is really that you live with him there but only as long as you give him money every month. I mean it's like paying someone to be with you. I don't want it. I wanted love and it all seemed romantic and nice. And if I wanted to buy a guy i would buy a nicer and smarter one. They are not smart.thus scams are not smart. They are just evil, and they just play on bug weakness us woman have and it's difficult to find- we want to feel true love. My guy called me love in every sentence he used. I'm not sure if he even knew my name. Love love love love love... I mean... I'm sorry...i don't hate morocco or moroccan ppl. And i could date another moroccan only if he lives in Europe. And has job. And at first he would have to pay for dates. So I'm sure he's not using me. And i would tell him I'm broke. It's all about money.... All....
They search less attractive lady, so she's easier target. I had self esteem so low that i was easiest even if I was ok looking.  He doesn't need a strong woman. They are all the same... All of them.... H
They click on 100000000 girls and you just happen to be the one who starts talking maybe even as a joke to him. You and up in line and in problems... My guy was perfect for a long time... Perfect liar... I bet he did this to other girls too. I could even revenge on him. I don't need bad karma....
I want to help ppl like me not to start even talking to this ppl but i don't know how. I just want to save girls from getting bad as me.

I am sorry to hear about your bad experience shelly. Although that can happen everywhere in this world. They are good and bad moroccan we can't deny that. I believe you are good woman but life is b*tch the good people only meet the bad ones

Thank you moroccan1. I don't know if I'm a good person or not but I just know I would never hurt someone to use him. Ppl can't even understand what damage this person caused me. Pure destruction. Im trying to figure out why I deserved it.
I wish I never started talking to him. He destroyed my life. It's not just for saying. It's true. And he's probably somewhere all happy in this moment and he will never pay for things he does. I'm saying- i could revenge but i choose not to. I don't want to fight evil with evil. But i know he deserves it.
With this internet stuff ppl sometimes forget they are talking to real person on the other side. I get that. But once you meet this person and look at this person in her eyes how can you continue hurting her. Without any shame. And for what? For money? This guy wasn't hungry just to explain. He's not fighting for life. He just wants to finish his house and buy nicer close. So just for conclusion my life ( and ppl I'm a real person with feelings ) is equal to new t shirts and shoes.... He was ready to pay those with my blood... This is sick and twisted. I would maybe understand if he was starving... Starving for luxury in his case.

Its is difficult to TRUST, indeed, people just come to your life when they need you and later on try to convince you with lame excuses.



Choosing not to revenge make you a good person don't make that experience let you down and move on . You seem a strong woman you will find your happiness one day :) take care of yourself

Well, this I will say, I have had American men do the exact same thing.  Does that make all American men liars and greedy and all that? No. In spite of the jerks, there have been some who were OK. Lol!

I have now been married to my Moroccan man for 6 years. Yes, there are cultural differences and it has not always been easy, but we are still together in Morocco and happy!  No kids, nice car, nice house of our own. Almost idyllic.

I'm sorry some of you have had such bad experiences. I'm fairly certain  it can happen anywhere.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks Adrienne for your reply. My heart hurts for the people who get used but its definitely not just Moroccan men whondo such things. My Moroccan man is the most amazing and I could only wish his kind of love on women everywhere. Merry Christmas all!

I'm glad for all who didn't have this experience with moroccan guy. (maybe you met him in a different way). But you see thanks to this kind of comments when i met my guy i continued talking to him thinking he is not one of bad guys... my guy lived in other countries before and insistent he doesn't need me to get out of the country cause it's easy for him if he wanted to go. This for me was the one reason why i trusted him. If he ever said he wanted to go out of morocco i would never keep talking to him.
But you know how little number of woman pass good in this kind of situation?  Most of them are scams. And i can say to every girl with honesty in my heart- don't go for it, don't even try to see if he's good or not. The risk is too big. I wish I listened to ppl telling me not to believe him. I would give anything for that.
I'm sorry but the most normal thing for guys there is to search girls for green card od financial support. Even my guy when i told him this asked me- what is wrong with that? If a girl wants me she need to give me something. And that he would never take care of a European or american girl because they" have money". And to say- i was working hard for my money, i never had a rich family, and i didn't even have a lot... 
Thats why i would never say to a girl- maybe he's a good guy, try talking to him and give him a chance and time will show. I would never say that.i would tell her don't risk. Or tell him you're totally broke and see if he still wants you. I know my guy would have married man and stayed with me if the money didn't run out from my side. He would for sure. So just tell him- no money and no green card. It's the only test to see if he wants you. To mine i even said that the money will run out and i need a job fast when i move there but he didn't get that i guess. He was pointing on getting out of there. So be very very specific. But then he'll also tell you to ask money from family- mine tried that to...
Online meeting a guy from this kind of country is extremely dangerous and risky. That's just it. And when I read girls writing almost the same story like me made me want to react and write mine also because it's a pattern that happens to much  and if it helps one girl from getting in to this my life had a meaning. 
I repeat - i don't mind dating moroccan man but not meeting him on internet.

I have been dating a Moroccan man for nearly 18 months.  from the start I knew he had no job and few prospects.  I paid for everything and as for most of the people above he professed how much he loved me etc etc.  I met his family - who are lovely - and all seemed to be going well.  In the first month I found out he was still  in contact with what he told me was his ex girlfriend.  Ut you do not continually call an ex girlfriend up to 4 times a day and then erase the messages and History when your current  girlfriend finds them. I forgave because I was very much in love.   I have paid for everything until recently when  I said No to buying him a television for his room.   I am now the devil incarnate and am being accused of not only causing him to give up all his life - ( no job, no house, no car, lives with Mum and Dad and not looking for work) for me to giving me everything ( 1 water container and plate that was bought with my money).
Today I asked for some of those things that I bought back as it is very very obvious that his goal was to use me to better his life.  I am now being accused of hating Muslim people ( I do not - I myself am not religious but I respect other peoples beliefs) to using him for sex.  I have a few Moroccan friends that have told me his behaviour and constant asking for money or gifts were not culturally acceptable but again I chose to ignore this.  He is also now saying that I have forced him to drink alcohol, have sex outside of marriage and that he is keeping the gifts as payment for driving a car that I rented, paid for the fuel and new tyres and drove to  a place he wanted to visit where I then paid for the accommodation, food and bought him and his family gifts.   I also forced him to enjoy these trips.
I have met some truly wonderful Moroccan men and women who have shown me respect and kindness but I fell deeply in love with a scammer.  It is interesting that the turn is so quick when you say you have no money for them or that that you don't want to buy them something.   Yes this can happen anywhere but the men of Morocco do seem to be particularly skilled at deception.  Oh and I didn't meet him over the internet - we were working together on a volunteer project.

I'm so sorry for what you wrote. Yes, you are so right. In that country that seems to be rule with some exceptions ( very few of them)... They really look for foreign girls for money. If the girl doesn't have any she is no use to them. I'm sorry it sounds terrible, but it's like that. My man told me- i would never take financial care of a nn moroccan girl. His brother has wife from morocco that is not working and he is paying for her normally... But girls from other countries , she needs to have her bank account full of money. Off course his family loved you, they saw you as money giver....
It's like they brain wash you with love bombing and you do for them what you would never do for a man in your forgive them for "not working" because he can't find job, he's from poor county... But look,i saw one man refuse one job after another there because his boss was too demanding, he had to get up early, he couldn't watch tv ecc...
My man from first moment was saying- what is mine is yours, my money is your money and the same is for yours. In the end- only my money could be shared. His things and money was for him.
It's all about the money, that's it. I mean, now i see things so clear, then i couldn't. I hated myself when I would doubt in anything because he's nice religious man. Well, he was nice religious man when it was good for him to be one. And really it's not about muslim ppl because I don't know if you have friends from other muslim countries ( i do) and they are great. This ppl are from nn african arabic countries so i can't talk about algerian, tunisian, egiptian man... i don't know,it makes you sad. I prefer someone robbing me on street and beating me up , breaking in my apartment and stealing all than this. From other things you get better fast. This trauma of love scam is devastating and with long and sometimes dangerous consequences. And the worst thing , with no punishment for this ppl. My man ruined my life. I wanted to kill myself. He left me in such  a big trouble with pregnancy, no money, no place to live, no job. I had to rebuild myself and my life from 0. And if you ask him if he caused me any trouble - he would say no and that he doesn't care.
Love scaming,the worst kind of scams...

Hi my dear am a moroccan girl , am so sorry to hear this & i would like to say that this men doesn't present neither morocco ot moroccans in general , yeah men like him should burn to death ........ I won't blame for what u did because really as they say that love is blind and once u love someone u just ignore and don't see their bad behaviors , anyways my dear i wish u all d best in ur future life and this exprecience must have thought u many things now u should and u must choose someone who would pay for ur needs not the opposite
Have a nice day take care lots of love from a moroccan girl

Wake up lady. Demanding a large sum of money from you should be a red flag. This person is just like many parasites who live of other people using emotional blackmail. I would strongly advise you to walk away and end this relationship which clearly based on him fanatically using you. Sadly this is a very known in poor countries where young male/female seduce and trap their victims in an imaginary love. I hope that you do not go ahead with giving him the money and save yourself from his trap.

Good luck

This is very common, he is definitely using you. Of he loved you as a Moroccan muslim man. He would have forst introduced you to his family and propesed as well. 15 months is a long time, he already stole your time which will never come back don't ñet him rob you from you hard earned money. They think money comes easy because you are foreigner, but we all know it doesn't. What a shame indeed.

Dont do it. This a huge sum of money. And no man Moroccan or otherwise would ask this of you to prove you trust them. Tell him you have nothing and see how long he stays around.


Let me tell you a true man can't rely all his life financially on woman i might sound too lagged bur that's the truth.

I respect financial sharing between couples but that's too much. Sorry but he is using you be really carful if you find away to escape from him do not hesitate. Otherwise you will really regret later on.

I was living in Turkey for almost 3 years majority of Moroccan youth living in Turkey (not include students) do nothing there, except having fun and waiting the moment to immigrate illegally to other part of the world. I would prefer you to do more research about him and see for what he needs such amount of money?

I am personally here to help you if it is needed.

Good luck


Actually we kept on messaging. I did not give him a dime and then I just stopped. HE came back a month ago and says that he loves me BS wants me to pay off his loans he borrowed from others, help him take some online course. Buy camping equipment for a mountain trip then he wants to meet in Turkey and stay together.

He probably keeps you because he invested too much time in you.  And he checks if maybe he can break your resistance to give him money... maybe.
If i was you, i wouldn't give him nothing. If you could resist not talking to him before, you can do it again.
"Pay me this, buy me that, help with money...." "Then we will be together forever"... Yeah... I've been through all of this, but they never keep asking... What does he say if you tell him to pay debt alone and buy all this things alone and after to come and stay with you? White what money did he live before meeting you? This all considerations helped me with my man. I was even pregnant and he kicked me out of his house pregnant. Later he was blackmailing me" if you do this, if you give me that, than we will live like family"... It wass hursh expectance that he doesn't really love me or maybe he does but in some twisted way. I actually understood it 1. time money problem appeared, but i still kept hoping i was wrong. But this doubt and instinct- they are telling you the truth. I don't know if you are rich or not. But look, do you want to give him all this money, probably also buy him ticket for plane, feed him and give him allowance until (maybe) he finds job. Now is also corona time, i don't even know how economy will work and if it will be so easy to find job... You will be like a mother to this grown up man. What if you find yourself one day giving him money so he could go in clubs and drink...? This considerations helped him to forget about doing anything for my guy. And my man kept on appearing every now and then. With promises if i do this, if i do that... Sometimes i wanted to trust this lies... Part of me wa crying for it, i was depressed and ashamed with all he did too me infront of my family and friends. But more time passed more he was showing he's real face. He never asking me if I need something because I guess i live of his false "i love you". He never asked for what baby needs... Nothing... So...
Good luck, girl. I really wish you all the best and i hope in my heart for what ever decision you make, you don't stay hurt. No person ( man or a woman) should be in this kind of situation.


Honestly sounds very childish!!!!  You are not a source of treasure so get yourself out of him.

He won't do such behaviors with Moroccan girl cuz from the beginning we do not pay for man. It's a matter of culture and respect to male identity.

I am also speaking to a Morocco man omg that's messed up for him to ask you for money I haven't even gone there Yet.  I feel like asking him if he has the money


You are a lady of sophistication and discernment

Ask him that right! And you will be turned to an Atm...

I live here 5 years. I can almost tell you about them by talking 5mints with them. I would be happy if that guy is honest with her but its really rare here in Morocco almost impossible...

i am just a passer by who wants to throw a 2 cents worth advice. i just have a small comment and will continue on my way. First of all, one needs to note that if his or her choices in partner are poor -And by poor i mean irrational, emotional, drug and alcohol related, the relationship is certainly doomed to fail. Additionally, one should be careful when forming relationships in which there is some form of inequality. Relationships should be based on equality believing that you and your partner are on the same level and that both of you have something to offer.