Met a Moroccan man can I trust him

All Moroccans are not bad but 95% , because government people are charging very high taxes and giving facilities zero. Many youths sitting inside coffee shops. Majority family members are in Europe and they are depend on them. Medical services are very costly if compare other Arab gulf states. During pendamic government announce online study but poor Moroccan they do not have laptop, computer and even government not reduced internet charges which is very very costly . Every where are  croupption  in Morocco. Only show off , services are zero. Public money stealing by government without knowing even you wrote them. That's why people become cheater and untrustworthy. Think twice government people come from same society so majority are bad. I have personal experiences.

Good for you, my experience is different, I travel around the world and meet different culture people but I do not like Morocco for study, medical, business , but I like food, roads , beaches and  stay some days. Morocco is tourist base country. Right now I am living in USA and I love it.

First, one should always learn about the socio-political context of a group, people and nation from objective viewpoints. Understand their taboos, what makes them move and what makes them stagnate and why. Visit and engage YOURSELF, not through the eyes nor on the whim of others. Then and only then can we be balanced and not jump to conclusions about each other. I have met good and bad in Morocco, just like in my own country. Actually, most of the time worse in my own country. Bottomline is stereotypes are always incomplete. That's the real dilemma… well, that and humans trying to simplify other humans to feel better about themselves or higher. Lastly, if we ever have ask ourselves if someone is good based on their nationality, we surely need to ask ourselves some integral questions about how we see and engage with the world. Then, ask yourself if you understand what nationality comes packed with, and what it doesn't come packed with, and it is indeed layered. Is nationality🧐 a static concept🤔?! Do you really know 35million Moroccans? If so, why engage with any of them if you already know them?! The human soul knows that not all humans are not the same, but our fickle brains are obsessed with putting them into containers.

i said same words 15yrs ago.Things can change,Im now fighting through court to keep the house i bought but was stupid enough to put his name on it.And other thing i will not put on here what he has done,

They all say that...move to my country but they don't mean that..just be careful

Every situaltion has its details, I   married a Moroccan 17 years ago, now the difference in our cultures, expections, etc.  have lead to dissolution of the marriage.  Co-ownership of a house is the weak link that holds us together, now.  You must determine what you want out of a relationship, and plan for minimal losses when things go sour.

Hi everyone,

I am not a judge or a solicitor to give my opinion regarding the family matter. However I know that  when 2 people meet, there's is an agreement where this relation will ends up by orally, or writing. Especially if the baby involved.

Personaly iam blaming the man because first of all his maybe Muslim topic to fear god he or she will do any thing. He should guide you and support you on this.

It' s best to demand forgiveness from Allah and start you new life. You never know it's for your own good, however money comes and goes but the clean person will remain to support other people which is a treasure you will grant hear and after .

I wouldn't trust him. If he's Muslim, marriage before intercourse is a very big deal. It's against the law to do it otherwise. Also, run fast if he's asking you for money. Men are the breadwinner, never women.

@paul von yes exactly if all moroccan men is red flag, is the same to all men in whole world. Because their are man. So I don't agree the statement saying that moroccan man are red flag.

@GRAPE PRODUCER i saw many say all moroccan man are red flag, what do they really mean by that? There are many moroccan men that really want to have a serious relationship but why nobody say anything about that? Why only come out with negative things about moroccan man?

It's very hard as a foreigner to find a "serious" man or woman here in Morocco. But it's also important where to search. The most problems are usually the big mentality and cultural problems. If someone can‘t deal with that doesn't mean the person is the problem, it's rather the difference between both of them.

On the other site it's really a fact that many Moroccans are just looking for a foreigner to have a better life or for some other benefits, especially in tourism cities like Agadir, Marrakech, Sahara and Fes.  But this is common in countries which are not so developed. Most relationships here don't work because of liars and cheaters. Find someone with a degree, money and goals. Not a dreamer, hippie, night life girls or a coach potato.
I'm a moroccan woman, and I agree on all what you have said.
Speaking from experience as a European women who had a relationship with a Moroccan man for over two years, I advise you not to go there. I lost a lot of money trying to run a business with him. The first 6 months were heaven but after he got what he wanted things changed. I found him to be lazy and he stole from the business.
Moroccan men can charm you tell you he loves you, but what he's after is a ‘chance' a chance to take off you. He'll expect you to not only look after him but his family.
Culturally European Christians and Muslims are very different when it comes to marriage. A Moroccan man will see it as a transaction, an arrangement. He will always put his family before you but expect you to put him first.
If you live there he will isolate you and you will have not only him to contend with but his family to.
He won't of asked you for money yet, but if he's doing the shopping with your money he will be skimming off it.
The trouble is if your having sex he won't respect you because culturally it's taboo before marriage, unfortunately in his mind he thinks European women are loose morally and he won't hesitate to take off you.
Of course if your Moroccan man is rich, older and in good employment, then maybe he's not a chancer after all.
Good luck!

@Wahid Benchebbak

good for you sir...i hope all moroccan men have a  pure heart like you


Just don't do it

Stop generalising!   

Men are the ‘breadwinners'!  What century you living in?  Sex before marriage is frowned upon in all societies, but it's not illegal or punishable by death or stoning, unless one lives in a truly backward country with illiterates for government!


hi sir can i ask you some advice about moroccan man pls

@junokillingley I'm sorry that happened to you.

I totally agree with you and I just wanted to offer my support and acknowledge your difficult experience because people get so defensive when they hear a bad story that they try to pick it apart like your the bad person.

@RR@ in Morocco a relationship that involves being alone ( even without sex) is illegal and punishable by law. If the two have sex that is zina and is punishable by law!

In islam un married people are stoned to death and a married person may be pardoned by their spouse or law giver.

Don't speak about things you don't know unless your just acting dumb because you can't handle the reality of morocco

@aishahm I agree which is the reason when you try to book airbnb they say off the top Morocco does not allow unwed individuals to stay in their establishments. You would have to display a marriage certificate.

@RR@ I agree with you on this but the ladies are now the main breadwinners in Morocco while their husbands,boyfriends,fathers sit all day in Coffee shops smoking or doing drugs and force their ladies to support their lazy habits. Things ladies do to make money nowadays is very apparent for all to see in the Moroccan society and everyone is ignoring it and brushed under the carpet.

@aishahm it means every western woman would be dead by now. travelling to Morocco havaing fun and enjoy holidays is punishable?


You are just intentionally playing problematic.

Don't you have anything better to do in your life ?

@aishahm just read what you wrote are the one moody, complaining and being negative. since when is stoning to death practice in Morocco. Update my knowledge as I could be wrong sometimes

I never said it's done in Morocco.

Please read and then reply

@Helenruth I personally with my experience and others I know would not trust him and never send money to him. This man like to use woman overseas and the ones who made it betray their wifes. Be strong have your child and save and look for your future.

@Helenruth when they block you and stop talking to you is because he don't want you anymore and he probably found another woman who is giving him what he needs $$ yes my dear this man live out of weak woman who believe their lies.

@Maria Valladarez

Not all men are the same , everywhere you go you will find good and bad men and women

So please do not judge Moroccan men all the same

If you have had a bad experience with some other guys that doesn't mean the rest of Moroccan men are the same

Otherwise we will consider as well women all over the planet just bad women

@teacherkarim2020 85% are bad Who use women

@geegee10 what was his name?

@Er82 correct

@Wahid Benchebbak are you a lawyer

@Saad fadel 🤣🤣🤣


you are totally wrong

have you live with all those moroccan to judge them

do you know me or know all the rest to judge them

show some respect


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@idouarab2712 truth ! I agreed with you

@Maysha Lauren mayority are bad

@Maria Valladarez yes smearing honey around someones mouth should be a national sport in Morocco.

Hello all,

I agree that most of you have had bitter experiences but can we kindly avoid stereotyping Moroccan men please?

This is a public forum and we have members from all over the world here. We should be mindful and respectful on the forum1f609.svg

I thank you for your understanding.

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@Er82 maam did u experuence already bad from moroccan men?

@delacruzllanie66 I think she is Moroccan and probably not .