How to build up a professional network in Casablanca

Developing a professional network in Casablanca
Updated 2022-07-13 13:04

Professional networking is as important in Casablanca as in the rest of Morocco, whether you're looking for a job or planning to set up your business. However, there are certain things to be taken into account if you want to thrive. Here are some tips for getting started.

Professional organizations in Casablanca

Depending on your profession, you can choose the professional organizations which you want to join (chartered accountants, lawyers, architects, etc.) This step will help you create valuable contacts as soon as you settle in Casablanca. You can start looking for these organizations on the Internet, especially on social media. Today, LinkedIn, Facebook and Telegram are powerful resources. However, in Morocco, people are wary of competitors and more suspicious than elsewhere in the world, despite their appearances. So you have to watch your back and handle your professional relationships with care if you're looking to achieve your goals.

Chambers of commerce in Casablanca

If you are an entrepreneur, you can also register with the chambers of commerce (if your company is not already registered). This will help you attend recurring events. For example, the French Chamber of Commerce organizes professional after-works every month. Other chambers of commerce also hold activities and events regularly, so make sure to keep yourself updated.

Trade fairs in Casablanca

You can also attend or take part in trade fairs, depending on your profession. Casablanca Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Office is a good intermediary as they organize and host most of the trade fairs held in Casablanca.

Sports halls/gyms in Casablanca

Like in many countries, and Morocco is no exception, sports halls and gyms are an excellent place to expand your network. From fitness rooms whose rates directly target senior executives or business leaders to informal "clubs" such as running groups, there are many options for those looking to meet people sharing the same interests as them. Take your time to inquire about the different sports clubs and gyms and select the one which better suits your needs.

The approach

A professional network needs maintenance as it goes on expanding as long as you are willing to. In short, it doesn't limit itself to the workplace or professional events. In Morocco, as in many North African and Middle East countries, emotions play a very significant role in building relationships, especially at the workplace. For example, you can never stay annoyed with someone for a long period as, even after disputes, you may come to collaborate once again. Regardless of the past situation, unless it has been a matter of public humiliation or confrontations before employees, you will have to compromise.

Limitations of professional networking in Casablanca

While you shouldn't be afraid to drop your strict professional attitude to maintain your network in Casablanca, you shouldn't quickly jump into personal matters either. In Morocco, it is easy to talk about yourself and to encourage people to get into your close circle, but that does not mean that you are really intimate. Moreover, keep in mind that you are an expat in Casablanca, so pay particular attention to the local networking etiquette.

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