Look for Chinese or English spoken job opportunities

I am a Chinese and I am looking  for Chinese or English spoken job opportunities in casablanca.

https://www.expat.com/en/jobs/africa/mo … ction.html

I got this from the job section of this same site, they are looking for someone of chinese origin

Thank you so much , I already sent the email and wait for their answers

Hi candy,

Are you still looking for a job in Casablanca which requires Mandarin and English?
Contact me please.



yes,I am still interested,what is the opportunity?

hi my girlfriend is looking for Chinese job in Morocco could you help us?


Im looking for English related jobs too 😉

English speaking jobs  are diffcult  to find in Marocco . Besides English what els do you speak ?greets  :D

choices are scarce when it comes to English speaking jobs unless one masters French as well. You would have to settle for Teaching English or the very few call centers that have English only activities here and there and these can only be found in major cities.

https://www.optioncarriere.ma/wrecherch … ;sort=date

http://ma.jobrapido.com/?w=anglophone&a … blish_date

http://www.offres-emploi.ma/anglais.mc? … ;sort=date

What about Chinese speaking jobs ? Greets

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We are looking for an english speaking nanny, if you're interested contact me

are you efficient in photoshop?

'm interested and available also.
you can reach whenever you ready.

Hi I'm interested in your offer,  can we get in touch?

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